Middle east respiratory syndrome (mers) symptoms: coronavirus spreads from saudi arabia to europe, no cure or vaccine so far

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome- Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Affiliation: Discuss how this article relates to Global Health
Global health involves the health of individuals from all the countries in the world and how they can be protected from diseases and infections spread. Global health which is under the umbrella of the World Health Organization seeks to prevent spread of diseases and infections from one country to another or contain the spread of the disease (Merson, Black and Mills, 2012). MERS-CoV is a respiratory disease that has spread from the Middle East and is now affecting Egypt among other nations of the world (Li, 2014). Global health therefore applies in such a case to prevent the further spread of this incurable disease. With the disease being diagnosed in different nations of the world, its responsibility shifts to a global one as it is the population of the whole world that is under threat.
The relevance of this problem on populations
The problem of this virus is not only to the people in the affected nations that have been mentioned such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia or even Germany just to mention a few but to the whole world’s population in general. This is so because people travel to and from those nations for business or leisure and can contact the disease and come and spread it to their nations (Holtz, 2008). The fact that the symptoms of the disease are similar to those of cold or flu should further increase the relevance of the problem to the populations. Most people ignore seeking medical attention for flu or cold and hence the disease gets a chance to spread to others and affect many and eventually kill them. The best way is to therefore contain it.
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