Migrant workers are a blessing, not a burden to our society

In this essay I am going to consider and discuss the issue of migrant workers and whether it is true that they are a blessing or a burden to our society today. In schools today, pupils can be found from many different places all over the world. Each of which bring a different perspective to school life. Do you think that you would be able to go over to a country, not knowing much of their language and be expected to sit an exam at the end of the year? I will be stating points both for and against migrant workers.

There are many reasons why migrant workers are seen as a blessing. One of these is that they do all the jobs that people today do not want to do, either because they are badly paid or even if they are perceived as stupid.

With the migrants working over here, they can teach us a lot about a wide range of things. Such as learning different languages, about theircultureand religion, about the types ofmusicandfoodthat is associated with their culture. They also influence others and help others find out more about what kind of a person they are by the way they act around migrants.

The migrants come over to this country, as they believe that they will have a better chance at life and they believe that over here they can have a better life than what they could have in their own countries.

” Everyone should be allowed to have a dream of a better life including the migrants who come to this country”

Migrants come over to our country in the hope of finding a better and more comfortable life than they had.

The migrants do not only come over to help themselves, but they also come to help us. Migrant workers help do jobs and provide services that we use and take for granted on a daily basis.

” Migrant workers have made an enormous contribution to the economy, helping employers with their recruitment and skills problems”

If they hadn’t come over to here there would be many businesses that wouldn’t still be opened today, as they wouldn’t have the workers that they need to keep the business up and running.

Yet at the same time the amount of migrant workers in this country can be a problem to many people.

The amount of migrants living and working over here can intimidate some people. They may feel like an intruder in their own community, as there may only be a few people that have lived over here their whole lives in that area but yet have a handful of families from different parts of the world.

” We are being overrun by migrants they are everywhere. I have lived in Belfast all my life and suddenly I am beginning to feel like an intruder in my own home”

The amount of migrants in one are can make people that have lived somewhere their whole life feel like they are out of place and should not be there. Also even if the migrants have been living here for a long period of time, people may still feel uncomfortable by them. If a large group of migrants are standing near you talking in their own language you may feel uncomfortable and intimidated as you don’t know what they are saying or if they are talking about you.

Even migrates that are helping us by taking on jobs which pay them maybe justminimum wageand providing services to others, can have a negative impact on others and the world.

The migrants come over to the UK to get jobs and gain skills, they are helping us but yet at the same time they are taking away jobs that the people from over here should be doing.

Overall I think that migrants are a good thing. As they are helping us and our society as well as giving themselves a better life. They help provide a serv1ices to us; they do the jobs we don’t want to do. Yet people make them feel like outcasts and that they should leave all because they have a different skin colour or speak a different language.