Military service correction essay

I have passion for Military Service, especially the Civil Engineering Corps (CEC) Program. I hold a BS in Engineering and the CEC Program would be most suitable for me. I also want to help people in other countries, so the Seabee Mission as “ the Good Will Ambassador” is very interesting. Finally, I want to work in a dynamic military environment. The CEC would give me the best opportunity to serve the US Navy. My professional goal, which also serves my personal goal, is to pursue advanced science knowledge and use its application within the CEC community to impact positively on the lives of people. However, science can only be beneficial when human motivation is right.

My understanding of science and humanity would help my community and me to better serve the US Navy. I would work as an engineer to explore more opportunities in scientific application. I want to discover new ways to reduce costs and pollution while increasing the living standards of my community. My strong characteristics are my determination and patience. After being denied for the officer program for citizenship reasons, I joined the enlisted ranks of the Navy. I knew that I needed military experience for a successful officer career.

I equally mastered the mentality and dynamics of the enlisted community so that I might someday lead them effectively. I believe I am ready for the CEC Officer Program. Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the Navy Core Values. Every Navy serviceman knows them by heart. We use these values as a guide to conduct our daily duties and take care of our shipmates.

The Navy’s core values helped me through difficult times while I was onboard the USS BOXER LHD-4. The staff compliment was reduced from 11 to 4 because of the optimal manning experiment. I was recommended to remain on board. We had no specific instruction or guidance. In fact, USS BOXER helped set the standard and instructions for the Navy optimal manning program. There was a lot of confusion and frustration in the Personnel Office. However, all four of us always kept the service moving as smoothly as possible.

I proudly put my customers first. Even when my two supervisors were transferred unexpectedly, I still made sure all services were provided promptly for more than 1, 200 shipmates. When I became supervisor for two new personnel men, I always took care of their welfare and professionalism. I expected them to work hard, but I never forgot that they had families.

My first Administrative Officer and Chief gave me my first impression of Navy leadership and its core values. Now if I were selected for CEC Officer, I would follow their examples. I would conduct my work with integrity, support my chain of command, and be a mentor to my subordinates. I must commit to my tasks and accept all responsibilities for my actions.