Mirror for man

Paper Due Mirror for Man In Mirror for Man, Clyde Kluckhohn, has presented his outlooks on how culture develops. Kluckhohn considers that culture is developed from a combination of human biology, laws of nature and the human nature. There are immense differences in the customs of different people all over the world. Similarly, there are a few characteristics that are present in most societies like the concept of peer pressure. Kluckhohn has given many examples from his personal experience to illustrate how two different cultures could have different behaviour patterns. Kluckhohn carefully points out that every culture has its own characteristics and few similarities. These similarities result of human biology, rather than from the human training or their upbringing. The diverse culture of our species varies in several ways, from religion to eating habits. Also, the author has pointed out it is not the body that makes a man but their mind. How the mind gets nurtured and trained decides what the man becomes and his thought process.
Mirror for Man, by Clyde Kluckhohn, suggests that a person’s cultural upbringing is responsible for their behaviour rather than their genetic makeup. Kluckhohns position that behaviour of people is based on the fact that, ‘ they were brought up that way’ is precise; as the culture where a person gets raised is reflected in their attitudes, behaviour and values. Personally, I am in agreement with the author’s views. His passage turned out to be an interesting reading as his thoughts and expression brought my own personal experience of dealing with people from different countries and speakers of different language. Through Clyde Kluckhohns passage, we can interpret and comprehend the real meaning of culture through an anthropologist’s point of view.
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