Mma financial essay examples

– Mission statement
“ MMA Financial’s main goal is to provide easy access to financial solutions for the American people. We want an automobile for every American house- hold and every hard working individual.”
– Introduction
MMA Financial is an innovative business with three years in existence; we are looking forward to expanding our local and national markets. There is no limit to our potential success in helping our customers achieve our “ no fear, three-step” approval system.

One year history:

– Consistent on time payments
– Consistent residency
– Consistent employment

With these straight forward no hassle requirements we knock out the competition.

– Goals
MMA Financial has been consistently doing business locally and nationally for three years; increasing our market share by two percent every year. We are currently at five percent market share, with the goal of achieving ten percent of market at the end of next year.
In addition, MMA is looking to increase profits by ten percent next year and fifty percent over the next three years.
– Recommendation
We are searching for the best email marketing services available to provide MMA’s customers and prospective clients via advanced database technology, email advertisements, and analytical updates such as, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This will increase our brand awareness, and strengthen our client relationships.


iContacts Corporation is an online service provider that operates internationally delivering email marketing as well as social marketing to all types of businesses. The online service provider gives their customers the opportunity to customize their services as they want. Customers are able to track after creating their emails as well as social media messages. Features such as the Email Templates, allows the customer to select from a wide range of well-designed templates. There is no need for professional qualification with the Message Builder on feature. The Message coder allows the customer to have his HTML message right from the best selected template or alternatively can start from scratch. Email delivery is effective as it the service has a spam check which ensures that the marketing message gets into the inbox. The corporation has over one million users and more than seven hundred thousand customers. It is popularly known for its services of Google analytics integration and Sales force integration. In delivery of its services; emailing and social media messages, the company has advantages and disadvantages.


Icontact services are particularly customizable and simple to use. The customers are given the opportunity to create, track as well as send their HTML emails as well as social media images with the mentioned advantages. As compared to other online service provides, the ability to track sent messages is a go ahead for the rest marketing companies.
The Email Templates feature allows the customer to select from a wide range of well-designed templates. The wide range of templates allows the customer to match and select a template that best fits or meets the marketing needs of the customer. With the templates, a client is assured to have the message pop.
There is no need for professional qualification with the Message Builder on feature. There is no need to worry if the customer has neither knowledge nor experience of HTML. The Message Builder has a drag and drop tool that allows the client to create the messages easily within a short period of time. One is able to add colors, links, images as well as text of their own creating a convincing marketing message.
The Message coder allows the customer to have his HTML message right from the best selected template or alternatively can start from scratch. Then afterwards there is the table editing tool that allows the customer to customize the marketing message according to her needs.
A customer using iContact is given the opportunity to share ideas and thus enhancing a customer’s product awareness through email as well as social media. Email tools provided are easier to use making the customer to navigate starting from the starting list customizing emails, sending them as well as tracking the sent emails.
iContact utilizes the creative abilities already present inside of each client’s company in such a way that allows an enormously personal touch to each email. However, it does not take a degree in graphic design to be able to use these features. Any employee can log on and create a new email message designed to capture and hold the imagination. iContact even features a comprehensive dashboard which shows email campaign effectiveness and track opens, number of clicks, and more – all in just one click.


iContact does not come without a cost; on average, iContact is 25% more in every price range than is closest competitor. This discourages the customers from using their services since it will increase the marketing expenses and consequently raise the production cost decreasing profitability. Another disadvantage of the service provider is that if a customer wants to search statistical information concerning the conversion rates, such a customer will be forced to use the sales force application which is not appropriate.
Relative to the 25% more on the price, the amount of image hosting that iContact provides is on the lower end of all email marketing firms as a whole. While some firms offer one gigabyte of hosting or even unlimited hosting, iContact only allows five megabytes. This is disadvantageous for new businesses as well as small scale business which have lower profitability.


iContact is an excellent email marketing online service provider that lets the customer create as well as track a professional and very effective email campaign. iContact lets the customer make impactful campaign with auto responders as well as surveys among a number of features. Additionally a number of sufficient features allow the customer to make a great introduction to the target group. The email service provider has a support team that is available when the customer requires any technical advice or experiences a technical hitch with using the iContact online.
Top consumer websites have given iContact an overall rating of 9. 83 out of 10, which is broken into several categories: 10 out of 10 in Feature Set, Ease of use, and Email Campaign Creation; and 9. 38 in Campaign Reporting and Help & Support. iContact’s staff is ready at a beckon call to assist in any client’s need at any time. Throughout the many email marketing companies researched here, iContactis by far the best one available. It is allows customization to the customer’s comfort as well as easy to use. Therefore, our opinion that iContact is our best candidate for our email marketing campaign.


Digital marketing has gone a notch higher in the world of business. Since business is about making profits, every person that starts a business wants to make profit. Profits can only be high if the enterprise makes enough sales. Sales are only be made when the business has enough customers. Therefore, the entrepreneur or the business must have the skills and knowledge to attract the customers and make enough sales. If the business or organization does not have these, the business is bound to failure. Before the subject matter of this discussion is examined, we must learn what digital marketing is.
Digital marketing is a term with two distinct words. The first word is digital. Digital is a term that describes technology. To be more specific, it is a term that describes modern technology. Without going into computer jargon, it is simply technology which besides generating and storing, it also processes data. This processed data is in two states, that is, the positive and non-positive data. On the other hand, marketing is a term used in business circles, in most cases management levels. It is defined as the process by which services and goods are moved from the concept of it to the customer. It is usually the combination of four elements simply referred to as the four P’s. These four P’s are the product, the price, the place and the promotional strategy. These four P’s must be under proper coordination in order for any meaningful business to occur. That is to say, the product must be worth the correct price and must be at the right place. In addition, the appropriate promotional strategy must be used to take it to the right customers. That is where digital marketing comes into place. Digital marketing simply targets customers of businesses who mostly us the internet on a daily basis if not hourly.
The world having gone digital or simply, the world having been computerized, there is a very small number of individuals that do not use the internet or the computer. Therefore, if a company’s management or shareholders are up to date thinkers who are serious about making profits, expanding their businesses and reaching more customers, they must learn to go digital on advertisement. Advertisements give awareness of the product to both existing, and to be customers and give an edge over competitors. Indeed advertising through the internet is a great way of having that upper hand that most businesses want against their competitors.
This is where Silverpop Company comes in. this is the only company that provides technology that is related to digital marketing. That is to say, it is the only digital marketing technology company. It unifies social media, email and automation marketing. This company is based on many international nations, which include Germany, United Kingdom, North America, South Africa and Australia. Services offered by Silverpop Company are Email campaigns, Marketing automation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead nurturing, lead management, Social content, Landing pages, CRM Integration and Email deliverability.


– It unifies marketing, automation, mobile social media and email.
– It achieves superior return on relationships by uniquely engaging each individual based on their behaviors
– It automates personalized experiences that increase revenue.
– It improves ROI
– It deepens brand loyalty.
The above advantages make this company a leader of sorts in digital marketing world. Nevertheless, like any other company, it not only has advantages, but it has disadvantages as well. Following are disadvantages of Silverpop Company;


– Even though it boasts of being an international company, in real sense it is not. For instance, South Africa is the only African nation that in which it has presence.
– Its optimization takes longer than usual.

There are a number of services that this company offers, these services are grouped into four distinct categories.

Explanation of the advantages
The first advantage, which is about unification, refers to how Silverpop unifies marketing, automation, social media and email. They bring all these together into one. There are very few companies, which can boast of this. The second advantage about achieving superior relationships applies in the kind of business networks that this company helps its clients to achieve. Networking is a very crucial matter in business. It leads to expansion of businesses and as a result increases in profits. Finally yet importantly, ROI is Return on Investment. This company helps its clients to get return on their investments and improve brand loyalty. This is because most customers buy according to familiarity. Personalized experience is very significant for businesses. It reminds them to come back. Silverpop enables businesses to have this kind of contact with their customers.

Explanation of disadvantages

The first disadvantage noted is that this company is not as international as it carries itself. For a company to be called international, it should have footsteps in most continents. However, this company barely has presence in Europe as noted above. Moreover, it has presence only in one country in the continent of Africa. In addition, it does not have any branch in South America. This is a great challenge to it and therefore cannot have global or multinational companies for clients.
– Consulting services
These services are meant to leverage strengths of the company’s digital marketing, technology experts an product experts. They include marketing strategy, implementation services, technical consulting and product consulting.
– Managed services
These services are needed on full time basis. They are meant to give a hand where the customer is need of help. They include On-demand Managed and Full service.
– Custom engineering
This is meant to achieve quick results with application development systems integration and custom product extensions. These services include data migration, App and Web Solutions and Custom Development.
– Support and training
Silverpop Company believes that its customer’s success is their top priority. It offers both support and training to deliverability. The company is always ready to help. The services offered in this category are deliverability services, training and customer support.
In conclusion, Silverpop is one of the best Digital companies in the world. It offers a variety of services ranging from Email campaigns, Marketing automation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead nurturing, lead management, Social content, landing pages, CRM Integration to Email deliverability. Though our main subject matter is digital marketing through email, it is important to note the other forms of digital marketing. Though this company has its advantages, id also has disadvantages. Some of its advantages include unifying marketing automation, email mobile and social media, achieve superior return on relationship by uniquely engaging each individual based on their behaviors, and automate personalized experiences that increase revenue and improve ROI. Thus, out of the many email marketing companies researched here, Silverpop Email is by far the best one available. It is affordable, easy to use, and can be personalized to your own comfort.


Boomerang Email Marketing Solutions was founded in the year 1991 and provides email marketing solutions. It specializes in the helping of mail marketers to have successful marketing campaigns. They do believe that every firm has different needs in marketing; hence they have tailored ways of satisfying the needs of all marketers who seek their consultancy as their clients tell them what they want and they deliver as requested. Boomerang has made business with nearly every business and service firms including financial services, retail, tourism, high technology, media and telecommunications. It has a variety of services including: Blast Wizard, a self-service industry; a service team with a complete full service; and collaborative services which is an incorporation of the above two. They have fully automated their e-marketing applications which enable the clients to communicate with their customers and prospects. Boomerang through its systems and programs enables their clients to be able to integrate multi-channel marketing and provide on-demand marketing support for their various sales channels.
Boomerang has a new service known as the event management service which can help clients create, manage and design their own events. When incorporated with the award winning email software, it can be able to send requests and notices to your parties at any time. Some of the services offered by Boomerang inc. are listed below:
– Advanced Email, which includes; drip marketing, lead nurturing, custom survey design, survey analytics, survey data management, transactional email, email API integration.
– Social Marketing which includes; Facebook posting, Facebook page design, face group monitoring, twitter posting, twitter page design, LinkedIn posting. LinkedIn group management, Google+ management, blog posting, complete social copyrighting.
– Data Management, which includes; list building, list cleansing, sales force integration, custom database integration
– Traditional Marketing, which includes; postcards, direct mail, door hangers, telesales.
– Event and webinar management, which includes: event scheduling, event promotion, event invitation and reminders, follow up surveys.


Boomerang Company is one of the leading email marketer companies in the world. With its vast range of services which are client friendly, the company is preferred by man users as well as customers.
Easy to use programs and services are offered at Boomerang. A good example is one of its products known as BlastWizrad, a self-service email system; it enables clients to send emails in minutes without any difficulty. Everything need is inbuilt including HTML editors, personalization, CAN-SPAM compliance cheques, dozens of professional email pamphlets and advancing targeting. This services incorporated simplify the work of the clients in using of their services hence increasing speed and efficiency in their services. Boomerang with its easy to use campaign has gained popularity as word is spread out of their easy to use and affordable email marketing services.
Boomerang services are known to be powerful as they have installed lists of any size 24 hours a day using their high quality programs that have resulted in delivering of quality results to their clients. When using boomerang services, chances of system crashes are minimal s their sites are strong, hence storage of data is also reliable in their sites.
Affordability of boomerang services is for free for new clients. This enables news clients to have an opportunity to test the products before they use them. They are always free up to specific amount where the client will need to pay from then on. This gives clients assurance over substance of their money.
Boomerang guarantees you a great self-service marketing solution; this implies that the services need not to be followed up in order to function effectively. This creates reliability to the services offered increasing customer pool.
It is associated with high delivery rate, the systems used are fast and efficient, and this implies that companies benefit greatly from the services offered to them as maximum returns are reaped.


The use of Google analytical track URLS is considering to be a bit difficult, considering most of the clients do use Google as their search engine, incorporating of these URLs with email marketing software is still yet to be completely resolved though Boomerang is one of the few services providers who have tried to keep at bay.
It is expensive to use as they are considered the best in the world. A normal business, just starting up cannot really afford their services as they are too exaggerated, mainly for the well established firms.


Considering the services offered to its clients, it portrays a lot of promising characters, boomerang is ranked one of the leading service providers of email marketing. The beneficial thing about boomerang form the rest of the service providers is that its users can select whether to use a self-service, where most of the work they do themselves , or a full service bundle, where for the right price, Boomerang professional will work closely with their clients around the clock to help them with their programming. Boomerang’s free trial for the 100 emails is of high approval as it enables users to test the services before they can decide to purchase it. Though many firms offer the services offered by Boomerang, no one can offer the full-service marketing premium. In addition to the wide variety of services offered and the excellent reputation among marketers it offers a wide range of training options, these aids in the using of their services in an efficient manner and their training option are free of charge.


Most of the consumer websites have given iContact an overall rating of 9. 83 out of 10 due to: Ease of use, and Email Campaign Creation; and 9. 38 in Campaign Reporting and Help & Support. iContact’s staff is ready at a beckon call to assist in any client’s need at any time. Throughout the many email marketing companies researched here, iContactis by far the best one available. It is allows customization to the customer’s comfort as well as easy to use. It does not need any learning and experience to operate it. Due to these feature, iContact is the best option for our email marketing campaign.


The following data was obtained from Email Marketing Services Review Website (2014) showing the rate rankings for three selected companies.

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