Modern heroes and greek heroes research

All heroes can be the same and also different. Every hero has special powers or abilities and strength. They also need to show bravery and strong courage. Heroes are there to protect innocent people from harm.

Nightwings real name is Dick Grayson. He was born in Gotham City. Dick was a circus acrobat with his mom, dad, and brother. One day he was performing with his family but Two-Face came in and started shooting. Batman came in, but Two-Face had already killed Dick’s parents and brother. Later in his life Dick became the Batman’s sidekick Robin.

Later he was tired of living under Batman’s shoulder and decided to become Nightwing. Hercules is Zeus’s son who became a mortal. His enemies are Hydra, Ares, Hades, and Demons. He killed his own family. He was forced to do 12 impossible tasks so he could gain immortality. He also has super strength.

Nightwing wasn’t born with acrobatic strength. He had to train to have those skills. Hercules was born with super strength so he didn’t have to train. Every hero is born with different abilities and powers which makes them special. “ Heroes are made by the path that they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”-Ronald Reagan said.

If you think there is no good I’d suggest that you should think again.