Mohammad ali wikipidia analysis

Wikipedia Analysis of Mohammad Ali Mohammad Ali is a former professional boxer and among the greatest heavyweights in the industry. One of the reasons for his fame is the great skills he demonstrated in the ring and his role in the fight for racial justice and religious freedom (Wikipedia). Sports Illustrated have included Ali in the list of the ‘ sportsmen of the Century’ while the BBC have branded Ali as the sports personality of the century. It is for this reason that Ali qualifies to be included in an encyclopedia. When anyone is talking about the greatest sportsmen of the century, his name will not fail to feature in the discussion.
I would break the article down into various sections discussing the personal and professional life of the sportsman. The first section would be titled, ‘ About Mohammad Ali.’ This would be a general summary of the personality. The other section would be ‘ His personal life.’ The section would discuss anything to do with his education, family, interest, among others. I would then discuss ‘ His Professional life.’ this is where I would discuss his role in the sports industry. The last section would be ‘ other contributions he has made.’ In this section, I would discuss his role in the social life, especially racial justice, in the United States. All the sections would be accompanied by images of the character in the sports world, especially those that have been used in different popular newspapers and magazines.
The part of the article that would be potentially controversial is the contribution of Ali in the social life in the United States. The aspect of racism would trigger discussion among racist personalities that may prompt hatred for the sportsman, not for who he is, but what he does outside his profession. To find and verify the information of the article, I would look for all books, journals, websites, and news collections that discuss Mohammad Ali and compile the information.
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