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Report Report Due: pm Friday 23rd August, Week 4. Hand in report electronically vie e-learning. Time to complete: This assessment task should take the average student 10-15 hours to complete, Including research time. Late Penalty: As for all other assessment tasks for this course, late penalties are 20% of the maximum possible mark per day or part thereof.

Time of submission Is logged via e-learning, note that the e-learning time may not be the same as your watch/phone/computer timely Weekends and public holidays are not included . Plagiarism: You must include a plagiarism compliance statement. Reports may be checked for plagiarism with an online system, please correctly use quotes from sources and reference them correctly as per the author/ date or numbered system. Refer to the library weapon for guidance on referencing and plagiarism.

Any report found to have been plagiarisms will be processed as per the University plagiarism policy. Task Description: Writtencase studyreport (20% of course total assessment). Present a written technical (In report format as per lecture one guidelines) case study focusing on a major workplace safety incident that occurred (anywhere In the world). The emphasis and purpose of the report Is to; research, describe and discuss the Incident primarily In relation to the Safety Systems related to the event. Ђ Describe the Incident/event and possible causes of the event (including causes related to the management/operation of safety systems) Relate the incident/event to any failures in safety systems (including managerial) that were present Discuss what preventative measures could/should have been taken What changes would you suggest be made to limit the possibility of repeat event occurring? How would you review the effectiveness of your proposed changes?

Word Limit: This Report should be approximately 2000-3000 words in length (not including the title page, summary, table of contents, references or appendices). Writing concise yet Informative reports Is an Important part of being a Professional Engineer. The ability to accurately convey Information In a concise, relevant and effective manner is a key skill that you should endeavourer to develop. Reports containing more than 3250 or fewer than 1750 words will result in mark penalties of 0% of the possible mark for every 250 words under/ over the limit.

Grade Descriptors A+ A ABA+ B BIO 95 90 85 80 75 High Distinction 85% – 100% As for the criteria for ‘Distinction’, however the work also shows a high degree ofprofessionalism. The report structure is excellent and provides a convincing discussion/argument of the topic. There is good evidence of in depth, critical discussion of the topic. Report has excellent grammar, spelling and Is of a concise nature. The work shows a good appreciation of the general alma/purpose of the topic. There Is good coverage of the topic with relevant and accurate support ND a well developed scholarly discussion/argument.

Grammar and spelling are very good and report is reasonably concise. The work is relevant and addresses several reasonable amount of the content and a scholarly discussion/argument has been advanced. There is limited evidence of an overall integrative view of the topic. Grammar, spelling and conciseness are lacking. The information in the various aspects of the work is relevant and accurate but is not integrated and only covers some core aspects of the topic. There is an attempt at a scholarly discussion/ argument and the work indicates a limited understanding of the topic.