Msc development finance

Furthering my knowledge infinanceand economics is one of mygoals. As a native of Brunei, a developing country, I would like to contribute to my country’s progress with the use of the knowledge and skills that I acquired during my undergraduate studies. Majoring in accounting and economics has provided me extensive knowledge of various economic principles and theories and their application in the business world. Although the University of Manchester has given me sufficient knowledge in the field that I have chosen, I believethat pursuing to study under this programme would provide me a broad yet focused knowledge in development finance and its practical application in the public sector.

I chose to pursue this programme because of its international focus, group work, and emphasis on learning public finance, bank and non-bank financial institutions, international finance organizations, aid agencies and other finance-related areas of study that can help in understanding how the financial theories governing our country and the world economy work. The program is also designed to teach me financial inclusion and microfinance in relation topovertyreduction.

My interest in development finance first sparked during my junior years. My wish to contribute to my country’s progress was further intensified by a course about economic policies of developing countries and their role in the international market. Working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development in Brunei under the Finance Department for summerinternshiplast summer 2007 has also provided me first-hand experience and knowledge in international trade.

I am confident that this university has the capacity to provide students with knowledge beyond the conventional financial educational program. The programme of University of Manchester also includes strengthening the analytical decision-making skills of students. It also offers wideracademicopportunities and school resources that will deepen my expertise and broaden my perspectives. I am especially interested and looking forward to the overseas field visit which is a crucial part of the programme.

Most of the countries visited are developing countries like Brunei which face similar economic situations. The programme also allows students to conduct research in government and non-government organizations and other universities in the U. K. This can not only broaden my knowledge and hone my skills in finance, but also enhance my socializing andcommunicationskills.

With hopes and persuasion in my mind, I aim to establish acareerthat can contribute to the further development of the financial situation in my county. One of the careers that I have in mind is a job in Brunei Investment Agency (BIA). As mentioned earlier, my country is a developing country. Although we are an oil-producing country, I believe that in terms of investment and contribution to the world economy, there is still much room for progress. Through this programme, I know that I would be able to obtain what is necessary to achieve my goal. Thus, I see myself successful in a career on this field and making Brunei a more developed and investment-focused country.