Music critical analysis

number Publish Music Critical Analysis This paper compares the musical scores behind the original version of Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin (Eisenstein) and its adaptation by Ed Hughes for the same film (Hughes). The original musical score for the movie is by far a perfect match for the portrayal at hand given the scene’s gore nature and its historic visualization.
The original score begins with a concerto that is mired in homophony and relies in large part on brass. In contrast, the new score begins with a shrill pitch and a melody dominated by strings that provide little consonance with the times being portrayed. Additionally, as the massacre begins to unfold, the original score tends to utilize homophony as the percussion is boosted. It comes as no surprise since the percussion was and is considered a sign of military parades and hence military strength. On the other hand, the adapted score continues as an oratorio as the musical score tries feebly to support on screen actions during the massacre.
Another distinctive feat in the original score is the use of dissonance to introduce multiple new elements such as strings with the original percussion. The musical score’s rhythm and melody are pressed upon further in order to relate the music to the developing climax. However, the adapted musical score is far more flat since the rhythm fails to accrue various beats in order to augment the development of the entire piece. In a similar manner, the original score features a number of differentiated tones before it relegates itself to the end as the entire composition begins to signify an ending. However, the adapted musical score continues unabated in a single composition to the very end providing a trite homophony that fails to highlight the start, climax or end of the visual piece.
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