Mutiny on the bounty

The paper “ Mutiny on the Bounty – Captain Bligh and Fletcher Christian’s Leadership Styles” is a breathtaking example of a movie review on management. The movie ” Mutiny on the Bounty” brings out different characters who assume particular roles. The characters of Captain William Bligh and Lieutenant Fletcher Christian assume different roles in this movie. The paper compares and contrasts the various leadership styles between these two characters with the purpose of understanding different management techniques. The two characters bring out their different personalities and leadership styles, and in turn, this has varying effects on the plot and overall development of this story.

These two characters are both commanders of the ship and in charge of His Majestys Armed Vessel (HMAV). They both have indisputable leadership qualities that they portray and show control over all the crew of the ship. They both show dedication towards their duties and work with zeal. They appear authoritative and take charge of situations onboard (Fifield, 2014). Another interesting point to note is that Bligh was not a captain before, and Christian was not a lieutenant then. However, they both assume these roles while onboard. They were said to be gentle in nature and understanding, but they hide their actual characters from the rest of the crew.

It is interesting to take note that Captain Bligh and lieutenant Christian had sailed together earlier and knew each other very well. They coped and knew how to handle each other’s’ personalities. They also have much experience in sailing and have a tremendous amount of respect from the whole crew (Leesaylor. com, 2015). They are both strong-willed and determined individuals who believe that their expertise would enable them to work together and guide the ship to its destination. They work hard to ensure that the crew remain united and do as required of them. The qualities that they collectively possess make them work efficiently and highlight their leadership skills in running the ship.

Captain Bligh is a controlling character who dictates the proceedings on board and works hard to ensure that everybody does what he says and follows his instructions. He believes that total control of all activities ensures that everyone follows his instructions. He has an autocratic form of leadership that makes his crew serve him with all obedience and dedication. He is abusive and very demanding, making sure that his harsh words intimidate the crew to instill fear and cause a more efficient work ethic on the crew (History. com, 2015). Additionally, he is very sarcastic, scornful and often exercises this in his conversations with others. He does not want to strike a close rapport with his crew so that he maintains a level of respect for them. He is a very critical leader who pays attention to detail and makes sure that everything is to his preferred standards. Such occurred in the incident of the missing strawberries, where he takes the detail of their number. Later on, when he notices that some of them are missing, he summons the crew and asks them if they had taken some of the strawberries.

Additionally, he is a very passionate man as shown on many occasions in this narrative. Fletcher narrates that he is passionate and would blow up into a hurl of insults at the slightest hint of provocation. He is also a strict disciplinarian who regularly orders the public flogging of any errant members of his crew.
The character of Christian is a sharp contrast to that of Fletcher as he is a controlled man and keeps much to himself. He has indisputable leadership qualities that most of the crew see him as influential in a proactive way. He is supportive of his crew and assists them to perform their duties more efficiently. His leadership principles are also collegial as he ensures that there are maximum team effort and spirit throughout the whole crew. This is instrumental in raising the performance levels within the entire group (Nelson, & Quick, 2012). Christian is a loyal captain and an honest person as seen when he admits to taking one of the strawberries, no matter how much it angers Captain Bligh. At times, he is indecisive as seen when he was not sure as to whether to join the mutiny or not. Eventually, upon asking for advice from Isaac Martin, he decides to lead some members of the crew in the mutiny.

Fletcher is the only man who handles the Captain’s volatile personality, and he won the trust of the Captain as well as that of the whole crew. He is a practical leader, keeps his team involved in decision-making, and ensures that his hands-on experience assists them in whatever they did. Apart from that, he has a sober personality and takes the time to reason before making any major decisions. He is gentle and understanding, and this is why he wins the hearts of his crew, who respect him.