My father(interpersonal communication)

of My father As Montgomery (2003) puts it, a father represents the most significant part of any human parenting style that is necessary for any healthy upbringing. My father is one of those people that I always follow whatever he tells me and I care so much about. Apart from being my teacher, I also consider him as a friend and above all an advisor. He always tells me that I should ensure that I assist people as much as I can and also ensure that I don’t make any one angry. One thing about my dad is the fact that he is not that much educated and he told me that this is because he got separated from his parents at an early age to look for his own means of livelihood. In early years, the only way I could know of my father’s opinion or state of mind is when I looked at the expression on his face. This made him the most unpredictable person to deal with and especially in situations where he was sad. In most cases, he used to turn very angry at me without even telling what I had necessarily done. However, the expression in his eyes was a clear indicator of what lied beneath his mood. I liked the way he used to control me in such a manner because it portrays a lot of sympathy unlike many fathers who resort to use punitive measures whenever they are handling their children. This is also a virtue that I have learnt from him and plan to use it later on in my parenting techniques. Years back when I was about ten years of age, my father took me out with him to see his friends and have a cup of coffee. This went on very well until at some point when he gave me some of his business responsibilities to carry out for him whenever he had appointments at the hospital. Some of these activities included organizing his calls for friends but an extreme case involved a situation where he gave me a job as his secretary. This impacted so much on my part because I had to go as far as staying away from home for about three consecutive months. However, I view this as beneficial because it added a lot of experience on my part which is of benefit to me at the moment. There are also several things that happened to our relationship when I was a kid and therefore need to be resolved for a healthy relationship. My father has given me much and any chance given to me will be highly utilized in the effort to thank him for the job well done. All activities that he involved me made me to become stronger and much confident in all that I do. In addition to that, there is a lot of experience gained from the work and better communication shared between me and my father which has a greater impact in building my portfolio. I have never disagreed with my father and this can be attributed to many factors such as respect for parents that my culture upholds. I always ensure that I respect his decisions and in case of a disagreement, I always opt to approach him diplomatically. I always blame myself whenever I do a mistake and ensure that there is a proper mechanism of ensuring that we resolve our conflicts. In addition to that, whenever we make promises to each other, we ensure that we keep them and never to let each other down. We also try to be honest with each other in most situations to ensure that all is moving well between us. When it comes to non-verbal communication, expression of the quality of relationship between us is manifested in different ways. First of all, our eye contact works to maintain a better understanding of the relationship that there is between us and also serves as a reminder of mistakes whenever they are committed by me. Facial expression serves the purpose of communicating all that is underneath my fathers’ thoughts and the method is very effective when it comes to relaying quick information. I appreciate so much all that my father has done for me and my family, which makes him a wonderful father. He is always calm and composed and rarely shares problems that he might be facing at any given time. This forms part of all the things that I have not yet communicated to my father and constitutes whatever I plan to tell him soon. In the whole relationship, I intend to ensure that I maximize on the expertise that he has delivered to me and also use his words of wisdom in coming with my own principles in life. To make this kind of relationship holistic and complete, it will mean that on successful marriage and rearing of a family, I should pass all the virtues that I got from father to all my children. In addition to that, I will also need to ensure that all virtues instilled in me from my father are passed over to my children so as to make this relationship a complete one.