My love story essay sample

In every fairy tale story there is always the Mr. Prince Charming and the Princess that were made for each other, they never really had struggles and they were the ones who were always happy, they had that “ happily ever after” that everyone wishes for, But in this story its just a little different. There is no Mr. Prince Charming, everything is not perfect, struggles do arise, and we don’t even know if happily ever after even happens. The “ once upon a time” love story of my life is very different in many different ways; it goes a little something like this:

Once upon a time there was a 15 year old teenage girl, just a plain ordinary teenager with my own set of problems, my own way of life, my own ways of dealing with things, and a teenage girl searching for that romantic thing called love. Since the very first day of learning about this unique and amazing thing called love I had searched and searched for it, but it never seemed to find me. I always went for the people that showed me attention, the ones that all the popular people wanted and couldn’t have, the ones I knew I could easily get, but then one day a special girl came in to my life that impacted it more than anyone ever had. The girl was not popular, the girl didn’t show me any extra attention, and the girl didn’t even seem interested in me. For some reason though it seemed that this girl was the right one for me anyways. The way she didn’t show attention to me wanted me to do what it took to get her attention, the way she walked by me without saying a word made me want to pull her aside and carry on a whole conversation.

I never knew that someone could do all this and yet I would do what it took to get him or her to be mine. So I stepped up and talked to her. Days went by, as we only became friends, even though I wanted to be more. Summer had ended so school was starting and I would see her down the hallways and after school, lucky me I even had a class with her. We seemed to get closer and hang out more. People would ask if me and her were dating and I don’t think nobody realized how hard it was for me to reply to them no, we are just friends. If only we could be more everything would be perfect. I was going to do what it took to get her no matter how long it would take me. I wanted her. I was falling for her, without her even knowing. Days passed, months passed, half the school year was over before she finally realized that I wanted to have more than just a friendship with her, I wanted a relationship, trust, faith, I wanted her to be my girl and for her to be the one that showed me that whole love thing. At first, no I didn’t want to tell her so I just played it cool, it would feel dumb for me to say yes I want to be more than friends if she only wanted us to be friends.

But I could only hold my peace for a few more days before I broke down and had to tell her how I felt, and luckily she felt the same. A few days later she ended her relationship and we were starting on ours. April 17th had now become the best day in my life. I didn’t really expected myself to feel what I felt for her, in only three weeks I had already told her I loved her. I didn’t tell her because I wanted to make a conversation or to sound sweet but to let her know that I did love her and that is the way I felt. Me being able to open up to her and tell her that I loved her was the highlight of my life. I felt as if everything in my life was perfect. But all of a sudden things changed. After me telling her how I felt and how I loved her more than anything then it seemed that she was becoming more distant from me. I knew this whole love thing couldn’t of been true. Why was I stupid enough to believe all of it in the first place? Hopefully in just a few days she would see that she really meant something to me. Weeks passed and we were slipping apart from each other.

The time that we would get to spend together meant so much, holding her hand felt like I had the world, her kiss made me feel as if she did care, just her being close to me made me feel as if I was the luckiest thing ever and that everything was perfect. She had filled a place in my heart that I didn’t realize was even empty. This girl had impacted me without even knowing it. Yet through all the good days we also had our bad. She would get in trouble no matter how much I told her that I didn’t want her to, she would get suspended for the stupidest reasons, and she would do what it took to impress others no matter what the punishment was for her. It would get so bad that some nights I couldn’t sleep because of how worried I was for her. It was hard enough going to sleep without her in my arms, waking up without her next to me, and spending time missing and thinking about her. Now we were loosing the only time we actually did get together, because of the choices she made. I would tell her day after day that she needed to stay away from all the trouble and that she could go so far in life if she would just straighten up. She was an amazing girl that meant everything to me and I didn’t want to see the girl I was in love with ending up in jail because of her decisions, but of course that was were she was headed.

Only about a week later her mom called the cops on her. Everything went down hill for me. I cried myself to sleep the next night. My world was slowly crashing down. I didn’t want to loose her at all, more less loose her so she could go to jail or so she could throw her life away. This was the girl that meant the whole world to me and I was loosing her with each minute that passed. Maybe after realizing everything for herself then she would no finally wake up and see that nobody wanted her to throw her life away. She didn’t only mean something to me but also to everyone around her. Through each troubled day it never failed that no matter how bad it seemed to be getting she could still just look at me with that amazing smile and every thing seemed perfect all over again. Yet even though she didn’t always listen to me, she didn’t always take my advice, and she didn’t always show me that she cared I could never find it in myself to get mad at her. Maybe, yeah for a minute I could seem mad but deep down no matter how hard I tried I could never find it in myself to be mad at her, she meant to much to me for me to be mad. Among her problems, I had my own but yet I put them aside to put my love and faith into her and to her own problems. No I didn’t mind and it never really bothered me that I put myself aside for her because for some odd reason it seemed so right, like this was the way everything was the way it should be.

She was beginning to take over my mind twenty-four seven and I couldn’t concentrate on anything without thinking of her at least once. This girl was beyond describable. She was beyond perfect, she wasn’t only my love or my girlfriend or just another person added to the list but she was a girl worth looking forward to life with, she was my hero, the one who had came in my life just at the time to save me, she was the reason I am where I stand at today. People thought I was crazy when I explained to them how our relationship was or when I told them I was dating a girl, but to me, gender didn’t matter, it was what was in the inside that counted. I didn’t care if people looked at my stupid when I would walk down the halls hand in hand with her, or when I would lean in to kiss her, they could look and talk for as long as they wonted, it didn’t bother me, because for some reason I knew that me and her was going to be together for a while and I knew she meant everything to me so people looking and judging didn’t even start to impact me.

This girl was the person I had wanted in every dreamed that I had, she was the one that I saw and thought about and wanted, even before I met her I was already thinking of her, I just didn’t know at that time that it was her. I had been doubting myself for so long and now I had this amazing girl that made my speechless and who had taught me so much, cared for me, actually loved me, this was the girl that I could picture spending my life with. This girl was my happily ever after all along and I had just realized it.