My sisters wedding

I had the pleasure of meeting my sister, Jamie, for the first time. Jamie is four years younger than I am and we share the same biological father, Ben. Our Grandmother brought us together, she planned a day for myfamilyand my sister to meet at Sea World. Jamie and I were very similar, we had the same nose and smile, and we resembled our biological father, who we both have only met a few times In our lives. It was a terrific day, and when It was over and before It was time for us to return home, my sister invited me to her wedding.

This essay is about her adding. I arrived at the Baltimore Airport on a warm but breezy late Friday afternoon. The airport was very busy, all of the people scurrying around, looking for flights, bags, and loved ones. I found a cab and proceeded to my hotel. The cab driver was very quiet, he hardly spoke a word, only asking for the address. Baltimore is very different from Florida in almost every aspect. The highways are always much busier, and the curves of the roads make It hard to keep up with if you don’t know where you are going.

The view was the cab window was Joyous, all of the trees, all of the hills, I was leaning excited. We arrived at my hotel, I checked In and found my room. Room #513; It was on the fifth floor and had a wonderful view of a big park, one king size bed with a fluffy bright comforter, and a bathroom with a huge soaker tub. I was happy. My cell phone rang; it was my Grandmother asking how my flight and my room were. We talked for a while, and she let the rest of the family know I landed safely. The loud ticking clock on the wall reminded me that it was getting late.

I said goodbye to my Grandmother and went to find that amazing tub. The hotel room phone startled me with its very sharp and shrill ring; it was my wake-up call. Today was brunch with the family and then the wedding, both at a romantic Bed and Breakfast in the woods. I arrived right on time. All of my family from my Grandmother’s side was there, Aunt Cindy and her husband Troy, my cousins, Sarah, David, Lynn, Crystal, Robbery, and all of their family, my other Grandparents, Joe and Cell, and many people I haven’t yet met. The room had such an excitement to It, everyone talked about the plans of the day.

Jamie called me over ND we sat and chatted, I met her soon-to-be husband, Kevin, and their daughter Skylark. Skylark was four years old and very talkative and happy, ” Are you coming to my Mommy and Daddy’s wedding? ” she asked. ” Of course! ” I stated and she continued to talk about her dress and how it matched her Mommy’s and her part in the wedding. As brunch came too close; the wedding party took their separate black limos to the venue. The rest of the family stayed and chatted for a bit. I arrived at the venue with my Grandmother. The place was gorgeous, it was a large cabin nestled in the woods with a peaceful pond behind it.

The wedding took place in front of the pond, with the Officinal standing at the front of the aisle, and the bridesmaids and groomsman walked slowly to Join him. Everyone In the crowd was Just glowing. There were cameras flashing and people crying. The ceremony was beautiful and ended right at sunset. All of the guests were given a sparkler for the recession, and it looked amazing against the dark sky. The party moved into the huge with her new husband as they were dancing up a storm. What a glorious day it was and my family and I were so glad to be a part of it.