My vision regarding proper education

College Essay I consider myself to be a very humble person who is inclined to think and act beyond immediate personal needs. With all my human limitations, I try in my own ways to understand the world around me and to make my role meaningful towards better life standards for all. I strongly believe that a peaceful co-existence in this world can become a reality only if we are capable of respecting the plethora of life forms and inanimate objects that makes the earth a special planet. For me, education is the firs step towards understanding the world as it is, and to live accordingly. Therefore, I will not compromise for anything that tries to pass itself as education, and would rather go for a well-defined, value-based system of education that carries a proper vision.
I have always been skeptical about the way education is commoditized in recent times. Many of my friends think in terms of ‘ investing’ in a course that will give them heavy ‘ returns’. I am shocked to find out that they really use the marketing terms in a materialistic way. They tend to forget the fact that educational investment is a moral one, complete with al the information, knowledge and wisdom that are part of it. No one seems to think of the spiritual returns involved in the act of sharing knowledge for the common good. On the contrary they forget about the moral aspects of handling knowledge and restrict the benefits of their education for mere personal gains.
My vision regarding proper education is to gain as much information and knowledge as possible for the sake of the entire humanity. I owe whatever I gain in my life to those who make it possible. Anyone who is denied education because of her/his commitments to family/society should be given an opportunity to learn at least the essential matters that provide quality to life. Therefore, I will take it as my mission to share whatever I learn in the university with the less fortunate people who deserve to know more. I hope to improve my interpersonal and organizational skills with the help of quality education, which will make it easier for me to stay with communities. The world class education that the University of San Francisco provides will surely make me a true leader who follows the needs of the communities that he would lead out of darkness. I look forward to making the most of the facilities provided in the university and to spread my experience to areas of social work heretofore unknown to me.
I am proud of my family and community, which, despite the limitations thrust upon them by social factors, have strived on their own to overcome all shortcomings. I had been given the freedom to pursue my studies despite all the possible societal pressure, which were shared by many. I am truly grateful to all those made me dream of being educated come true, and I am aware that it called for a lot of sacrifice from their part as much as the hardwork I had to put it. I will never forget the significant part their little acts of kindness played in my life, and will always try to keep that thought alive in my mind, so that my actions will be inspired by it. I hope to imbibe the spiritual vision that guides the university course, and will try my best to rise up to it. I am convinced that faith is best explained through a way of life, and I look forward to gain significant outlooks regarding a better way of life that could redefine me and those around me.