Nature vs. nurture essay examples

Nature vs. nurture is one of the oldest questions, and yet there is still no clear answer. During the years, there were numerous theories, analyses, clinical examinations and different hypothesis trying to answer the question. According to Saul McLeod, “ nature is that which is inherited / genetic.” and “ nurture which refers to all environmental influences after conception, i. e. experience.” What is more powerful DNA or environment? It is clear that right answer is somewhere between nature and nurture because it is strongly connected and hard to distinct between these two.
Genetic is something that is not possible to choose or change so there is no need to put blame on it. What we inherit from our ancestors is there and soon we accept it better will be. On other hand, what is possible to change is surrounding. It is hard for kids to change surrounding, to left home and do such radical things. It is hard, unnecessary and certainly not recommended. When that kids grow up they can easily change environment, change their patterns and behavior if they think that surrounding was not beneficial for them anymore. Surrounding can be beneficial as it was for Victor, main character from the book Frankenstein, as is stated, “ no human being could have passed a happier childhood than myself.” From beginning of the book, it is visible that Victor is intelligent, hard working person, interested in books, and with few close friends. He had nurturing environment, parents who loved and supported him, loving family and great friend. Relationship with father is very strong, full of lessons and support. Father son interaction about certain books is very interesting. Father is not telling his son to stop reading that kind of books, authors or whole subject. Instead, father gives his son a chance to form his own attitude. Relationship with mother is gentle, full of love and pure. Victor has a freedom to do what he wants, to study what he wants and to be what he wants.
In chapter three Victor is young, promising scholar who get help from professors, from his surroundings. Professors are giving him a choice, showing that there are modern, updated books, some of the authors are outdated and that is better to forget them. New, fresh environment and new role models are giving new perception to a person. Surrounding is responsible for shifting from ancient models and ideas to fresh and modern science, technology and brand new way of thinking. Fresh environment brings new possibilities and opportunities. There is a chance to try, to do something new, something different. Experiments, testing, lots of work and attempts are leading to new discoveries, not only about issue that is researched but life itself. Surrounding is helpful and supportive, fresh ideas, opportunities and person can grow easily. Behavior and attitude are in constant connection with environment. Environment can support and encourage certain behavior and by that to make that behavior more welcome and permanent. Experience is product of environment; same behavior is possible to perceive as positive or negative according to standards of local surrounding. What person takes from that environment is very important.
It is not about showing off the great intellect, experience and knowledge. It is more about helping and supporting others to reach that level, to climb that stairs. From other side do not only demand and expect help and support, be ready to give your best, to do, to try and to be ready to fall down and to rise up, to stand still and persist. Be ready for endless circle of give and take, take and give. Mister Stone W. Clement wrote, “ you are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective” and keep working.

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