Network tools used to gauge effectiveness and efficiency essay sample

Network tools play an important role in assessing the efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the goals and objectives of the organization. There are a number of network tools used in facilitating communication in an organization. The network tools help in monitoring the networks so as to ensure effective communication within and outside the organization. The metrics used by the organization includes:
Smart Sniff is another networking tool which allows the users of local computers to capture the TCP or IP packets passing through the network adapters of the organization. This also helps in viewing the data as well as the flow of conversations between servers and clients of the organization (Azodolmolky, 2013). This tool helps in capturing both non-text and text-based protocols. This tool, therefore, plays a crucial role in facilitating effective and efficient communication in an organization.
CurrPorts refers to a software used in monitoring the networks by displaying the currently opened addresses and ports on the local computers of an organization. The information on and data on each port is displayed in order to determine their effectiveness or importance to the organization. The full path, time the process took place as well as the users of who creates such information. This tool helps in ensuring that the networks or communication devices in an organization are used for the right purpose. This also helps in ensuring that the information of the organization is protected from manipulation by other parties. This networking tool helps in keeping track of the amount of work done by each worker through the assessment of the packets of information on the local computers of the organization. This tool helps in closing the TCP connections which are not important to the organization. The processes that open the unwanted ports are killed by this software in order to reduce traffic. This, therefore, ensures smooth communication in an organization. This software also helps the user to save the relevant ports in order to facilitate easy and faster tracking of the crucial information by the organization.
Network Traffic View is another network monitoring tool that gives the general data about the traffic in the networks of an organization. This tool helps in tracking the destination, speed of data, average packets sizes as well as a source of each data (Zhou, 2013). This information is useful to the organization in order to control the amount of data flowing through their communication systems as well as eliminating the unnecessary traffic so as to improve speed of communication.
TCP Log View helps in monitoring the TCP connections opened on the systems of the organization. IT opens loglines that are new when the TCP is opened or closed. The information relating to Remote Access, Local Port, Remote Host Name and the country information which are relevant in communications of the organization.
The adapter watch is a network tool which shows the important or relevant information concerning the network adapters. This information displayed includes: IP addresses, DNS servers, Hardware addresses and the number of data received or sent.
The Down tester allows the users to test the internet download speed in various parts of the world. The speed of the URLs can be easily assessed and tested in order to facilitate smooth communication in an organization. This also helps in saving the resources of the organization through fast downloads (Coutinho, 2013).
Wireless Network watcher helps in scanning of the number of compu8ters that are connected to that network. This utility ensures that only the relevant computers have access to the wireless network in order to reduce delays and traffic in communication.
Net Route View helps in displaying the list of the routes which available on the current network in relation to the destination, gateway, the metric value, protocol and age.
In conclusion, the network tools are essential in facilitating effective and efficient flow of information in the systems of the organization. This, therefore, helps in ensuring that jobs are done on time, and the speed of service delivery is also improved or ensured in an organization. is also improved or ensured in an organization.


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