No more tolerance of obesity

No More Tolerance of Obesity If I were to show you a table outlining the statistics of average weights corresponding to heights, probably very few of us would fit into our respective category. Regardless of the data of the Department of Health in 2010, 39. 2% Hong Kong people were overweighted. In an attempt not to put our citizens in jeopardy, the government should not keep aloof from this severe situation. One of the culprits of contributing countless obese people is our unhealthy eating lifestyle. Hong Kong people today are taking an unbalanced diet. It is not uncommon for us to take in meals which are often full of saturated fats. In order to alleviate this problem, one useful way is to introduce ‘ fat tax’ on foods high in saturated fat. In 2011, Denmark has implemented the world’s first fat food tax, levying a surcharge to food with more than 2. 3 percent saturated fats. According to the Associated Press, saturated fats may lead to cardiovascular disease and cancer. In an effort to reverse this trend in Hong Kong, it is vital for our government to take this initiative and model the aforementioned Denmark’s policy. However, it is expectable that this controversial plan will open a can of worms. As citizens are forced to eat less saturated fat due to the tax, ‘ we possess our decision-making power. Why should the government decide how much fat we eat? It is absolutely a flagrant and unreasonable act.’ some may argue that their rights are being exploited. Hong Kong people are always in search of freedom. As a result, this measure may trigger off a huge furor. A question here is that, would you like to perceive your freedom or prolong your life? Of two evils choose the less. It is vital for the government to persuade our citizens that prevention is better than cure.