Normalizing homosexuality assignment

In her article Normalizing Heterosexuality , Karri A. Martin discusses heterosexuality y as the way heterosexuality is constructed as a norm and how children are socialized into HTH s idea by their parents. According to Martin, heterosexuality is privileged advertised over other forms of sexuality and taught to children from a younger age through their parents particular y their mothers, who assume that their kids would be heterosexuals.

Those mothers dismiss the eventuality of their kids being gay because not all of them notice an evidence of homo asexuality behaviors in their child’s interests and their interaction with their peers. They describe hydromantic relationships to their children using the men meet women, get married and have babies perspective relating to their own stories. Mothers are not the only factor of kid ‘ s colonization into heterosexuality, researches also demonstrates that kids learn ABA UT gender at school and through media which advertise heterosexual’s love in kids shows such as

The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. A survey made to determinate mother’s way of p renting their kids on sexuality showed that while some parents informed their children about homosexuality and are accepting for an eventual possibility, other think it is okay but hope not for their kids to be gay and the rest Just prevent it by often using biblical references I n order to teach their kids that homosexuality is a bad thing. From an early age we have all been taught that we were princes and princesses and t hat e would eventually meet someone from the other gender and get married.

This idea of heterosexually as normal and natural has always been the norm until today where the Normalizing Homosexuality By princesses e LIGHT community is very active and even propelled the idea of same sex marriage hoping f or a certain honorability. Talking about parenting strategies, we never know which person o r kids will grow up to be, all we can do is to accept what can make them happy; while some are against homosexuality, the others like us can only cross our fingers and hope for the best.