Nutrition in nursing

Nutrition in Nursing Andrew’s BMI is 33 according to the age percentile for boys and his age and weight details. BMI over 30 is considered as obese. Hence, Andrew is facing the health problem of obesity which is a disease in itself. It is crucial to limit his calorie intake to check and balance his weight status which is in obesity range due to his sedentary lifestyle.
2. Andrew should consume around 200 calories per day to allow fat loss. From the diet he is having daily, he is only consuming right amount of liquid, but which is mostly soft drinks. HE is not having any fruits, dairy, protein, and vitamins. He is focusing only on carbs and fat which is why he is obese. All he is eating are empty calories, and the source is junk food he eats where he works.
3. Andrew must include dairy, fruits and veggies into his diet. He must be told that he would invite a lot of diseases because of his obesity which is a result of heavy carbs, starch and fat that he consumes on a daily basis. Moreover, he must do regular exercise and must focus on weight loss by eliminating or cutting down junk food from his diet.
4. Andrew’s mother is already limiting his junk food intake while he is at home, which shows that she is aware of his sedentary lifestyle. However, she must create awareness in Andrew about the hazards of obesity and junk food, and must encourage him to exercise regularly. Also, she should give him some healthy food as lunch that he may have in his lunch time rather than having junk food as lunch.