After reading the Odyssey and watching the movie, I have noticed many differences between the two. Whether there are scenes skipped, added, re-modified, or they stay the same to one another, both the book and movie of The Odyssey share the same story. Character personality traits and conflicts are very similar between the book and movie of the Odyssey. For example, Odysseus’s character is very much the same in the book and movie because he is very smart and witty in battles. He also has a problem with women along his journey back home. Penelope is another character that is very similar in the book and movie. She is very emotionally strong and patient in how she waits twenty years for Odysseus to return and had faith that he was still alive. There are also similarities between the conflicts in the movie and book. Odysseus still faces Scylla and Charybdis in his long journey home and how Penelope’s internal feeling of Odysseus being gone for so long is the same. Comparing the book and the movie of the Odyssey, there are many new scenes added in the movie or scenes that were completely cut out or changed. One of the scenes in the text that was changed in the movie is the Lotus Eaters scene. In the text, Odysseus and his men went to an island with Lotus Eaters while in the movie, the lotus blossoms were given by Circe. Which made him and his men stay longer with Circe for five years. That is also different from the text because in the text, Odysseus and his men only stayed with Circe for a year, not five years.        I found this film to be very entertaining for the most part. I like adventurous movies and this one caught my attention with all the adventures and struggles Odysseus has to go through before he can get home to his wife. One of my favorite scenes would be the Cyclopes scene because it demonstrated very well how the Cyclopes are and their way of living and how Odysseus tricks the Cyclopes by telling him his name is Nohbdy. I also enjoyed watching the scene where Penelope is asked hundreds of times to re-marry and choose one of the men to be her next husband, but she has faith in Odysseus and stalls by weaving and is true to her husband. Another reason why I liked this movie is because it is an older movie and I enjoyed watching how they made older movies and the graphics they used to make them. Overall this was a great movie.