One laptop per child policy

One Laptop Per Child Policy The right to education is one of the many human rights that is usually taken for granted. Unlike the right to live or to freedom which has a lot of laws and legal provisions to ensure they are being served and to punish those who promote the lack of which, the right to education, in my opinion, does not have that much strong foundation as to how it should be implemented in our society today.
With this said, there are a lot of poor societies who are not given the opportunity to get access to tools to equip them for a high-quality education such as computers. Until today, there is still an open discussion whether poor societies should be given government funds for computers for students the same way as well-developed societies are being provided for. In my opinion, I think it is every individual’s right to have a chance at a better education and certain organizations or people should not determine whether a certain child will have a better life in the future or not just because they decided to put the poor societies at the last of the priority list.
More so, I strongly believe that these poor societies should even have more support from the government or private organizations for them to be able to catch up with the kind of knowledge well-developed societies have. Thus, I am happy about the one laptop per child policy being promoted which will introduce young kids to the world that is becoming more digital everyday and at the same time have a better picture and understanding of lessons that is better illustrated with the help of a computer.
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