O*net content model essay samples

Work Styles

The o*net content model illustrates the most vital of information about effective work on a simple and reasonable system. It relates and reflects the nature of occupation in comparison to the nature of the workers including their interests and skills). It comprises worker characteristics (values, abilities and interests), requirements (skills, knowledge and education), experience requirements (experience and training skills), occupational requirements (level of activities and context), workforce characteristics (market information) and occupation (tools, tasks and technology). One’s satisfaction depends on some specific needs unique to every individual. Meeting this needs influence one’s performance and the work in general.

Worker characteristics

Worker characteristics are the abilities of workers to endure conditions at the work place to produce the best results possible. The characteristics also include the ability to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for good performances at work. The character one possess to endure hardship situations without complaining has a great impact in influencing their attitude towards their duties (that are necessary for gaining experience and expertise) in the work-place. Apart from acquiring experience, the workers’ positive attitude leads them rapidly to grasp knowledge and skills vital for their efficiency in their occupation regardless of the level or rank of the occupation. However, when an employee can no longer tolerate their work environment, they are at risk of not only displeasing their bosses with poor performance but also missing to attain the vital knowledge, skills as well as experience in their specific job descriptions. Such workers have a high probability of under-performing and producing undesired results that are lower than the set standards of the company and expectations of their employers. With the inability to tolerate their work environment, they will gradually yet eventually lose their interest and motivation to work. Working without motivation and interest mostly results in poor performances in every aspect of a worker’s regular activities and duties. The worker will gradually begin to disregard the moral value and ethical conduct of the company. Once a worker disregards rules in their department, they can no longer be effective and disciplined in their delivering their duties. Depending on the personal characteristics of the worker, their performance will drop. For instance, emotional people who easily complain let their personal character influence their performance quickly negatively uncontrollably.
According to the O*net model, worker characteristics are a crucial feature contributing to the success of an organization. One’s values and interest contribute to the overall success of an effective worker in the organization. Workers should develop a completely positive attitude towards the environment and learn to appreciate the minor things available for them. By learning to endure unattractive or difficult situation, a worker has an opportunity to change the very environment they are.

Good and bad teacher

In my early childhood, my class teacher was a friendly and sensitive aged lady who maintained personal relationships with all of the students in the class. She contacted our parents regularly and seemed to be friendly to every parent she encountered regardless of the discipline issues of their children. Although she was wealthy owing to her husband’s businesses, she chose to remain a teacher in the local school. She learned to live with and love the low standards of our school and quickly became the popular employee for the vacant post of the head-teacher once the previous died. We all loved and supported our teacher so much that even after she left (to concentrate on her new role), we maintained the highest performance in the school (as we did when she taught us). I consider her my best teacher of all time (no one else made me feel encouraged to learn and compete fairly like she did). However, when our beloved teacher was promoted, the male teacher who replaced her would not match her abilities. The new teacher was from a more urban school with higher education standards than our school and hence seemed proud about himself than he was proud of us. We quickly became the poorest performing class within three months and consistently performed poorest in the following exams until he was replaced. Before the replacement, the man seemed out place in a very conspicuous way that nine-year-olds like me could easily notice his lack of interest in the classes. At that time, all I thought is that he was not funny or was handling more serious issues that distracted him from making us laugh and check all our work. However, later when I grew up and learned more about tutoring by practice, I realize the extent of negative effect of one’s negative attitude and lack of work characteristics such as abilities to endure work environment can have on their work.
Like any other worker, teachers who embrace their environment regardless of the circumstances and hardships, end up performing better than those who do not (judging by the performance of the students). Apart from the performance, they acquire skills and experience with dealing with harder situations that may come. Through the acquisition of the skills and experience, the workers are more equipped to handle future problems that they may encounter in their occupation. In this situation, a good teacher who persevered the low-class environment (in regard to her social class) was more experienced and skilled in handling different parent-student issues effectively. The ‘bad’ teacher, on the hand, not able to create a good relationship with students, cannot handle more stakeholders such as parents or siblings.


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