Organ transplants

Running Head: ORGAN TRANSPLANTS Organ Transplants October 16, 2011 Organ Transplants Marketing of organs arose many other ethical issues. Authorities will not be bought and sold legally in the U. S. , though, there is evidence that the “ black market” for organs actually live in countries such as China and other countries as well.

Allegations were made that the persons actually traveling to China to buy organs for transplantation. There was evidence that many of these organs come from the bodies of prisoners who were executed. Moreover, it was the only ethical issues, but so has the commercialization, which suggested a very unethical in most countries. According to Nora Machado, the commercialization of organ donation has a contradictory impact on public voluntarism and altruism, the risk of exploitation of the poor, and deprecates the main lesson of experts and standards of humanity by degrading the dignity and autonomy of the individual. However, some people argue that many of the assertions contradict the market of human tissue are not contrary to the assertions of commercialization, but about who should receive financial support.

Ethical issues in the welfare of care should be based on four principles of critical importance. Standard autonomy allows individuals to draw their own conclusions in their lives I periods with their own beliefs and values. Standard, not malfeasance states that you cannot harm others. The standard of beneficence is a concept that has to help or benefit others. The latter standard is a standard of fairness, which states that a person should be treated with equal concern, dignity, and that share the benefits of mankind is made fairly. Therefore, people should not be questioned, when seeking to help others.

Organ transplantation should be encouraged to save lives with the introduction of minimum harm to others. Many persons of staining for the security agencies, on the other hand, many can benefit from the generosity and consideration of others. All human can get help when they need it. Society should not be subjective to believe, cane, sex, age or other characteristics that can use the output of who will be the next recipient entity. Finally, transplantation of organs and tissues may be more useful and sustain life, if every individual engaged in the method, including doctors and medical organizations, dignity and better address the problems of patients, as well as respect for the ethical lesson and pious standards of humanity and not tempted to request some good status or economic benefits.