Organizational response

Organizational Response al Affiliation Organizational Response As organizations grow and differentiate, problems can arise with a functional structure. Describe and explain the problems that may arise and how organizations may respond.
The problems with a functional structure that can arise, as organizations grow and differentiate include the following: (1) problems associated in updating changes associated with a more complex structure (any resistance to change, confusion as to undertaking of additional responsibilities); (2) the need to update policies and procedures as changes occur; (3) the need to re-orient current and new personnel on matters pertaining to changes in the newly adopted functional structure; (4) the competencies and skills set of present pool of managers and employees to abide by new roles or responsibilities associated with a more complex structure; and (5) the need to adopt and adjust to the responses of the clientele and other stakeholders, resulting from changes in the functional structure (Jones, 2007).
With the problems that were noted, the organizations should be able to respond through the application of the following strategies: (1) adhere to the guidelines presented regarding the principles of bureaucracy; (2) design updated policies and procedures to fit and match changes in the functional structure; (3) properly communicate the changes to stakeholders (employees, management, clients (if needed), and external parties (state or federal agencies, members of the local community, investors and affiliates) who need to be informed; (4) train personnel regarding the need to adapt and adjust to the development and changes made within a more complex functional structure; and (5) monitor and evaluate the performance of personnel to identify strengths or weaknesses in undertaking roles and responsibilities that ensue after the growth or development in functional structure have been applied.
Jones, G. (2007). Organizational Theory, Design, and Change (5th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.