Othello commentary

Emilie Speaks Her Mind One of Shakespearean famous plays ‘Othello’ is about a black man who marries a white woman, and then murders his wife because of unfounded Jealousy. The play also contains another dysfunctional marriage between Ago and Emilie, which also ends with the husband murdering his wife. Emilie, lagans wife, has never received love from her husband. In Act 4. Scene 3 line 95-115. Amelia’s speech Is structured as if she experienced a lot ofstress.

She believes that men and women are basically the name and have equal desires and needs. Although she hasn’t spoken with intensity, from her style, her use of literally devices, and also her monologue structure, the audience can feel her distrust of her husband that has been present for a long time. Primarily, by looking at the structure of Amelia’s speech, spectators can notice that Email Is not Just encouraging Desman, she Is also cheering herself. The dictions that Renewal used like ” throwing restraint,” (4. 3. 101), ” scant,” (4. . 102), ” galls” (43. 103), and ” see and smell,” (4. 3. 04) pulls its statements against the iambic line. Also her speech shifts from question to statement. This structure suggests how Emilie has been denied such freedom by Ago. It illustrates that the women may speak their minds and hearts to each other. The second aspect of Amelia’s monologue is her use of literary devices to express what she had conquered while living with Ago. She uses metaphors to support her opinion that men are responsible for thefailureof the women.

She states that when their husbands stop carrying out their duties with heir wives, sometimes women find other romance, ” Say that they slack their duties, And pour our treasures into foreign laps,” (4. 3. 98-99). With her comment, ” ћ. They see and smell They see and smell And have their palates both for sweet and sour, As husbands have. ” (4. 3. 105-108) Email Is comparing man and women and stating her case for the fact that both man and women have similar senses and needs. Through metaphors Emilie expresses her opinion that man does not see how the needs and desires of men and women are similar.

Finally, in Act 4, Scene 3, line 95-115, the audience can find the reflection in Amelia’s ownpersonal experienceby her style of speech. In her monologue, there are masses of mixture emotion; confidence, dismay, cynicism, anger. Emilie is not Just consoling Desman, from her tone, the audience can notice she Is also bursting out what she suppresses to her husband up until now. With her regular use of the pronoun ” we”, ” they’, and ” us”, her monologue is expressing the rights of all women. She sees herself as a part of a large group. To sum up, all the readers can analysis

Amelia’s monologue to look at the structure of argument; context of the speech and also the literary devices that she used is similar to giving an actor the tools to interpret the role.. As we go over Amelia’s life with Ago and reading Amelia’s speech thought of women should treat like men for all long time. Although Emilie end up with dying at the hands of her husband by attempting to tell the truth to make clear how monstrous a liar Ago is, Emilie can clearly display the characteristics of a strong- minded individual. Emilie can admiring as a women that exemplifies the strength and courage.