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overall performance control Definition: overall performance control is the continuous procedure in which we  set the intention of the agency and become aware of the KPI . approach or goal of the corporation driven by means of the road manager. performance management is the continuing feedback in order that worker can enhance their overall performance. assessment  is finished on the bottom of standards so that it will be described throughout determining  the objectives of the worker.

performance appraisal is vital issue of the company. Then assessment and growing the gaps that  is basically difference among real and predicted performance of the employee . discover gap through SWOT evaluation. both performance is right or wrong. repayment control: reimbursement is the system wherein we worker make contributions efforts to reap the organisation goal. then company compensate with employee within the shape of  money bonuses , incentivethey may be many aspect that influencing the compensation, the company capability to pay, the agency philosophy to offer the price to the employee on the bottom of qualification and applicable revel in reimbursement literally means to translate the various countries and even overtime compensation is essentially motivating component for the employee to inspire for difficult paintings.

if precise repayment is absent then overall performance of the worker impact the employer. the best reimbursement reduce many problem in the company. it reduce employee turnover fee, low job pleasure, low productivity. An incentives application is layout on monitory or non-monitory reward and prizeRoll of the performance and repayment   control: when reimbursement work efficaciously it’s miles benefit for the corporation and worker. it can be powerful if anyone work  the collaboratively managers, group of workers, human resource, all play critical roll. to attract the succesful worker to the enterprise.

succesful worker decorate the enterprise productivity and performance of the corporation. to encourage worker in the direction of acquire the organizational purpose. repayment performs the critical roll to lessen employee turnover rate and to obtain the internal and outside equity. employees raise their performance degree to gain the reimbursement and incentives, repayment. reimbursement is fundamental roll to inspire the worker to achieve the corporation goal