Overview of the key deliverables of the provision healthcare technologies project

Running head: SCOPE Scope Affiliation February 2009 This document will present the detailed overview of the key deliverables of the PROVISION Healthcare Technologies Project. I will determine the main deliverables that we will deliver at the end of project.
Basically the project scope statement comprises six steps. We resolve the requirements, limits, objective, deliverables and milestones regarding the project. This report is aimed to determine the main deliverables those will be delivered at the end of the project. The government regulation has issued new regulation regarding patient’s health and safety. For this reason the PROVISION Healthcare Technologies has decided to incorporate the new issued standards those are developed by the government. PROVISION Healthcare Technologies has decided to modify the wand software to incorporate this new functionality within six months or face steep fines. This will also necessitate the transformation of the hardware. The new system will be fully upgraded version of the old system, and this will incorporate the new hardware and software implementations.
As defining the scope of this project we have to modify the software and hardware to incorporate this new functionality within six months. This project implementation will facilitate us to have more better way of doing the work regarding public health. After the implementation of new technology we will be capable to fulfill the government established public health standards. This will also provide us competitive edge in this market. So I have accessed that this project will change our way of doing business completely and augments the working functionality.
As defining the key deliverables of this PROVISION Healthcare Technologies Project, we have to determine the whole project scenarios and implementation details. Here I have analyzed the whole project factors and determined the main project deliverables.
The first and main deliverable of this Healthcare Technologies Project is the new, better and enhanced version of the Wands software. This will be an enhanced version of the previously working software. This new system will incorporate new government established public health standards. The better user interface is also a main requirement of this system. For the better heath facilities the more accurate decision power by the system is main need that we want from this main deliverable.
The next important deliverable from this system will be new hardware that we need for the better functionality of Healthcare Technologies. This hardware needs to provide better functionality on the newly developed software. This new hardware is developed to support and enhance the working in collaboration with newly developed software. So the fully functional and efficient hardware is the second main deliverable for this PROVISION Healthcare Technologies Project.
The third main deliverable is project help and working manual. This will facilitate for the better system support and functionality learning process. We can also say as the project documentation.
The marketing activities are the main part of any new product development and its market release. We have to incorporate the market plan and activities in the overall project scope. In this way we will have a better way to recognize the main target market. The marketing plan is the activity in this project implementation so we have to concentrate on this activity more so that the we be able to have more better market response. So as I have accessed it is really essential to incorporate the marketing plan in the project scope implementation.
As we talk about consensus from the director: in this scenario we have to develop a project change/evolution report. This document will streamline the main changes and improvement that we have planned to implement in our new system. This is a better way to document the whole project evolution activities. This document will also facilitate during the project development to avoid un-necessary transformation requests. So to implement the new upgrades in the system we have to first resolve and develop the main transformation requests in the form of project change/evolution report. This report will also used as source for taking consensus from the director.
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