Peer review article review examples

The introduction of the proposal provides great insight to the reader about the topic under discussion. It is through the clarity of the introduction that the reader is able to be drawn into the subject matter of the research proposal. The word choice and its succinct discussion of the background of Apple Inc. aid the reader in understanding more about the company. The statement of the problem is detailed and thorough in its identification of the subject matter that is under focus. However, there is need to expound more on the statement by adding a few lines about any research or literature coverage that has been done with the same hypothesis. It is important for the author to explain to the reader whether this is going to be an original study and research or a continuation of a similar topic.
The proposed solutions are solid and outline plausible steps that the company can take so as to maintain its competitiveness in today’s market. The author of this outline does a good job of convincing readers that this study is being conducted by an experienced team that has well outlined objectives regarding the research. The researchers already understand the trajectory that they are going to assume in their research. The method section includes a list of preliminary researches that have been conducted so far. The qualification section also explains to the reader who the team members are and why they are qualified in conducting this research. The conclusion calls on the reader to have the trust that the researchers are a formidable team that can deliver a credible research and study results regarding the topic.