Performance & reward management

The group members seemed to be very prepared and completely informed about what they were doing and how they had to do it.
The Positives
The ideas that were explained and depicted throughout the presentation were of immense importance as they shaped up the mood of the audience and made the presentation effective. Defining every single idea to its best extent with the help of solid examples was one quality that was seen throughout the presentation. The second point that I liked about the presentation and the presenters was that the information they had in their mind apart from the one they had on the presentation was used at the proper places and situations throughout the presentation. The presenters were well informed about the organization and its operations they knew completely how the performance management system operated and supported the daily operations. The presenters had practical examples of the system, which made the presentation even more interesting. The flow of the presentation was something that was really interesting the presentation moved on from explaining the organization’s performance appraisal plan covering how they reward their employees then onto the findings of the students and ended with a recommendation plan (Corey Sandler & Janice Keefe. November 2003).
The Negatives
The major setback of the presentation came when one of the members of the presenting team was not introduced though he was an integral part of the presentation. This small mistake can result in disastrous results for the presenters and can lower their morals. The second and the last drawback of the presentation was that thought the presenters had put in all their efforts in presenting but they did not take into account their time limits. Usually, the presenters practice presenting before the original presentation and then time themselves to finish within the time limit, the problem here probably was that though the presentation was timed by the presenters but while presenting they gave out ideas and explanations that were not originally planned during the presentation.