Persepctive 1: should the company imposing a dress code to avoid similar problems essay sample


This paper tries to evaluate and provide different perspectives on the different cases pertaining to organization culture from different industries. This paper will shed some light on how the organizations could address the issues that confront them by providing three different perspective on the issues.
Keywords: China’s labor law, organization culture, compensation, sexual harrassment, workplace ethics

Organization Culture

– When the first labour law in China came into effect in 1995 with the aim of reducing government intervention in human resource management (HMR), it was expected that this change will greatly affect many companies in the enterprise level. What are the advantages that the firms will get from the implementation of the new law.
a. Firms are now able to dictate what business model that they will use particularly in the issue of salary and compensation. Companies can create compensation program that could ensure that they keep the skilled-workers under their payroll.
b. Companies can negotiate with foreign transaction given their own capacity without having to conform to the technicalities dealing with quantity issues. Thus, could encourage foreign businesses to conduct their business in China.
c. Companies can hire workers from all parts of China without having to deal with strict regulations on hiring employees and workers from within your factory range. This allows companies to select the best skilled workers from different parts of the country without having to deal with government sanctions on hiring process.
– Worker`s motivation is an important aspect in many organisations particularly those that depend solely in the labour intensive system. Discuss the various ways or factors that enabled workers in Shenzhen garment industry to maintain their enthusiasm or eagerness to work for the garment industry.
a. Motivation does not necessarily have to be monetary. While monetary reward is highly motivational, many employees believe that sometimes all they need is appreciation and recognition. Mr. Lou could be more personal with his employees by visiting them in their workstations and showing them that he values their work.
b. Mr. Lou should do away with the per piece system and work on a quota basis. The per piece system might not be working during peak season. Instead, Mr. Lou could change it to the quota system. He could impose that each worker needs to make this particular unit a day for a fixed base pay rate. However, he should maintain that the quota is realistic. To motivate the workers, he could suggest that anyone who goes beyond the quota will receive additional pay so the workers will be motivated to exceed their quota.
c. The garment season has a peak and low peak season. From the observation, workers are being forced to work extra during peak and are without any income during low season. Mr. Lou could change this by asking his employees to work on a fixed schedule so during low season they can produce something that will be utilized for the peak season because they have enough finished goods in their inventory. This will also enable Mr. Lou to ensure that his skilled workers will remain under his payroll. However, he should be very careful in what items to produce during low peak season to ensure that it will be used during the peak season.
a. Factory owners are faced with the problems of skilled-workers not coming back from after the low peak season because they have found new employment while the garment industry is off seasoned.
b. Owners are uncertain whether the earnings they have during the peak season can compensate for the low season. Thus, they fear that losses might be incurred should they change any of their practices especially in compensation during the peak season to ensure that they meet the demands in the market.
– Discuss how the Integrated System Group in S-S Technologies Inc. is able to compete confidently in the marketing department.
a. Channelling of information by structuring the organizational hierarchy could help significantly because everyone in the department can effectively and efficiently deal with their own concerns.
b. The proper distribution of work can be effective because it will lessen the overlapping of works and responsibilities allowing each member to address their own areas of concerns more effectively when they are not dealing with other things beyond their role.
– What are the general conclusion that the consultant has about the management of resources in S-S Technologies Inc. from the interview conducted?
The consultant’s general conclusion of S-S Technologies suggests that the company is fortunate to attract the right people in the company. The fact that they have the most competent, committed and highly-skilled employees is a plus factor for the company. In addition, the employees seemed to be fully motivated because of the culture that is practiced in S-S Technology. However, while employees do not as the face-to-face meetings, it is necessary to explain to them that certain changes have to make especially in terms for making everything in black and white. They just have to explain some changes are necessary as it will benefit everyone especially the employees. In addition, Company should do away with the bonuses and create a fixed salary rate and compensation benefits that are at par with the industry. A good research of the existing pay rate would be beneficial at this point.
– Discuss the advantages that may accrue to the management if they implement the bonus payment system now that the S-S Technologies Inc. is on its own. The bonus system is a tried and tested system for the company in its earlier management or organizational model. Employees have expressed their satisfaction based on the existing model. Now that S-S Technology is on its own, acquiring to implement the same system would ensure satisfaction on the part of the employees. The employees would feel that nothing has drastically changed except that it changed for the better because the new management can incorporate the old good practices with some innovations and modifications.
Smith’s refusal is not a direct insubordination. However, he was so used to this situation that he thought it was one of his privileges to refuse to a non-scheduled service. While Mr. Smith has a point, he should be open to the possibility and be flexible. I think it is just a matter of presenting the odds and the possibilities to the employee in regards to the ramifications of their action. I could convince him by trying to allow him to see that every once in a while some adjustments had to be necessary so the same can be extended to us whenever we need them.

Companies could impose a dress code. However, the problem was not exactly on the dress code but more on how the company handled the disclosure of the comments. The comments should not be named when sent to the person involved. In addition, this thing should be rather personal to ensure that all grounds are covered, and employees will not jump into conclusions.

Perspective 2: Did the harassment issues resulted because of the problems with the unfinished company manual?

Every company should have a fixed company rules and regulations that should only be presented to the employees after it has been finalized because otherwise this would only result to conflicts and be open for interpretation especially with the case of sexual harassment.

Perspective 3: Should the CSR regular hang-outs be reconsidered?

This particular group hang-outs should be activities that are beyond the accountability of the company. If employees decide to go out outside office hours, whatever that might transpire there should not fall under the scope of the companies duties and responsibilities to their employees unless otherwise these activities were initiated by the company like team-buildings and seminars.