Personal statement essay

I am a person who is driven by my dreams and ambition. It was for this reason that I chose to continue my education in the United States of America after moving there from Turkey. America is the land of dreams and I hope to fulfil mine through receiving the best education that the world has to offer. As an individual, I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about my studies and in 2008, I was award an honors certificate, which I am very proud of. To me, University represents the next step towards achieving my life’s goals and like hundreds of young people each year, I would like to apply for a place at your university. Please allow me to explain why I am the ideal candidate for you.

One of my aims in life is to gain as much experience as possible and so far, I have endeavoured to do just that. Over the years, I have travelled to Austria, Germany, Syria, Italy, and Hungary and of course, around my home country of Turkey. These trips have enlightened me to the ways of various cultures and societies of the world. Partly as a result of my travels, and also as a demonstration of my great ability to learn, I speak a number of languages including Turkish, English, Arabic and Kurdish. I am constantly striving to improve upon these linguistic skills. I am a keen sportsman and have represented my school in various sports including Soccer and Table Tennis; I also played for teams outside of school too. I was also a keen member of the school’s paintballing and chess clubs. I feel that my participation in these various clubs demonstrates my competitive nature, my drive to improve my intellect and also my understanding of how important support and friendship is in order to be successful. I work hard to maintain relationships and hope, one day, to be known as being a successful, yet kind and considerate manager.

My work experience is extremely varied: I have worked in the retail and the food industries, working closely with the general public and developing my verbal skills as well as my understanding of how best to meet requirements. I also volunteered at a Turkish cultural center where, again, I built on my prior knowledge of meeting demands. I am a keen charity worker and have collected money for various causes including my gym, poverty in Africa and for my school bus. I have also volunteered at a local Salvation Army center, where I spoke to people who ring up for advice and also assisting in their store. This experience really opened my eyes to just how fortunate I am to be happy and healthy; it only served to spur me on to work hard and achieve my aims. I also voluntarily worked in my school canteen as I wanted to give something back to my school community. I also helped to clean my dormitory rooms.

I am proud of my work ethos: working hard is vital if you want to be successful: you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! I believe that if everyone works together, the job is done effectively and efficiently. An education is the key to being able to contribute to society and maybe even improve it. I work hard so that I can achieve my potential and fulfil my dreams.