Peter the great and ivan the terrible e assignment

Russia remained sol dated from modernization by rejecting the European renaissance. Peter focused on rest abolishing and modernizing Russia as a great nation. He introduced new administrative and t arterial divisions of the country, administered greater control over the reactionary Rot hoodoo Church, secularists schools, reorganized his army according to Western standards, an d created a very strong army. Peter established the city of SST. Petersburg on the Nava Rive r and moved the capital there from its former location in Moscow. Peter the Great influence deed Russia in here ways, education, architecture, and culture.

First of all, he influenced Russ educationally by having many educational buildings built in SST. Petersburg. HTH s positively influenced because many people learned to get an education after Peter had established more schools. Secondly, Peter wanted to import the western manners, dress and style. Because of this, he made it illegal to have a beard. This was a major problem with Russian traditionalists as they claimed it Obstructed the image Of god. Finally, many FAA mouse architectural building were built in Russia because of his love for the arts. This was excellent because the arts were extremely important in the renaissance.

With Peter info meningitis, many new famous paintings, sculptures and styles were created Bringing wee Tit to people. Born in 1533 to Vassal Ill and Elena Gallingly, Ivan the Terrible grew up in the t own of Muscles, Russia. Both of his parents died very young. Ivan took power when he was a mere 3 years old. Since he was so young, nobles called boyar wanted to take control 01. He was the first czar of Russia and officially took over at the age of 16. Gaining access to t he Baltic Sea ND Resisting the Mongol Golden Horde were the two main foreign goals that Ivan had focused on.

His original efforts were initially successful but they disrupted the economy and culture. His supporters were rewarded by being given seized land. He also, cry dated a police force that existed more to kill traitors rather than to keep the peace. Hundred s of thousands were killed this way, making Ivan a hated and feared leader. After the believe d assassination of his wife, Ivan became very depressed and paranoid, he basically went crazy . Ivan had left the town and the Muscovites pleaded for his return. He returned but he was g even absolute power.