Plight of u.s. farmers and workers

The structure and style of politics in the late nineteenth century were evolving based on what party held power in our government. Social, religious, ethnic and regional factors determined party ties but third parties were emerging. Consider the conditions In America on the eve of the 20th Century.

Write a minimum of two paragraphs for the following discussion prompt: What problems did U. S. Farmers and workers face In the sass and how did they try to solve them? The prices of the crops were falling and were at an low and there wasn’t end in sight due to things as of the weather and other death rising factors like materials being over produced in the North and the East while the West and the South struggled. Goldfield, 2014) This added so much hardship for so many farmers that most could not afford to pay for the cost for using the railroad to ship their goods and as crops failed, It made It Impossible for the farmers to pay off their debts and many farmers lost their farms, lands, crops and all other sources of income forcing many onto sharecropping, (Goldfield, 2014) This led a need for change and people started looking for other options.

They pleaded for help from the Government, but showing that they cared little to none and by doing nothing to help the people left planning and coming up with their own solution, ” Farmers Alliance” (Goldfield, 2014) This was a big playoff with so much against such Like many to most people were still separated by race and neither could grow past the pettiness to try to think of even helping each there with such preformed alliance and even with such like economic and political reform smoothly for most more deeper separation based on race.

Made this a long sighted has black farmers, including the leaders that were colored and section of the Farmers Alliance were killed an of the Farmers Alliance that came followed bydepressionand it was one out for themselves. The Government had no control with moreviolencethat ruled the people and the streets. The railroad had over expended, hundreds of banks closed, along with thousands of businesses. (Goldfield, 2014) Since o muchmoneystopped flowing at one time there was no way for the economy to come back to life.

In order for the depression to end, the people needed jobs and they needed farms that could support the Nation. They had to have banks that could provide lines of credit to get the Nation Jump started. With the fall of the economy In other Nations only added to our turmoil and they cost too much to use as export markets. Which Is reason exporting trade system came right with or after. References Goldfield, D. , Abbot, C. Anderson, V. Reselling, J. Argentines, P, Barney (2014).