Political views essay examples

As a youth, I have several opinions on the politics of our country. These views have taken shape since I first witnessed how elections are conducted and as I gained more knowledge about politics. I am of the opinion that the youth play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the elections. The youth have also increased their participation in the electoral process and more youths now vote with a sense of purpose. Despite this fact, there is a notable reservation of active participation by the youth in political activities. Youths are rarely taking part in active demonstration to show their support or their dissent for political opinions that have been formulated by the politicians.

Furthermore, it is evident that the youths have taken a back seat and formed other avenues through which they can express their feelings towards the political class. The youths have turned to electronic media such as social sites and television programs through which they are able to air their feelings.

These views have been aptly reiterated by the findings from the readings on youth and politics. It has been found out that the youth of the millennial generation are not as viciously engaged in political activities as the youth of the 1960’s (Elana and Jentleson, 2006). However, this does not mean that they are apathetic to political activities, but is an indication of the change in times and so the change in strategy of participation in political activities. The youth of the millennial generation have come up with strategies that focus on opportunities that appear practical and of direct individual benefit as opposed to the rallying calls of the boomer generation on issues that affected and entire nation.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of youth voters in America. Evidently, from the 2008 polls, a large percentage of the voters turned out to be youths. There has been an incremental trend in these numbers since 2004 through to 2008 (Marcelo, 2008).

The youth have come up with ingenious ways of participating in the political activities of the country. The youth highly associate with these means and find them highly efficient in discussing their issues and making their opinions known. The youths have taken to social sites such as facebook, MySpace and twitter. Additionally, such websites as the GoVoteAbsentee. org have also presented a convenient platform for the youth.

The politicians have also noted the political strength that the youth have. For instance in order to have an upper hand over his rival, Obama pegged his campaign on the youth and assuring them that he was the representative with a millennial touch compared to Hillary Clinton of the boomer generation(Winograd and Hais, 2008)

However, a large number if youths are becoming more skeptical on political issues and do not find any relevance in participating. A large number of youths are already heavily in debt and are struggling to pay back their college loans. Compounded with the effects of the recession, many youths claim that they no longer have time to participate in political activities such a voting for their preferred candidates. Regardless of this pessimism in the political system, research indicates that a large number of millennial youths still believe that the political systems can make a change in the state of the country. Many youths under the age of 30 still prefer the incumbent president Barack Obama (Saulny, 2012). However this is because they were actively involved in the movement that he started in 2008.

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