Prescription drugs essay example

After watching the manner by which I made the persuasive presentation on “ Drug Policy and Prescription Drug”, overall, I strongly believe that it was not perfect but it did fairly well. The video made me see my weaknesses and I will work hard to avoid them next time. The reasons for this assessment are as follows: (1) the presentation was fairly structured in a clear and effective manner, as it somewhat followed the prescribed format for presentations; (2) it provided relevant and crucial information to the target audience; and (3) it achieved the identified learning goals for the preparation and presentation of a persuasive discourse.
Despite the apparent assessment for success; I am convinced that there are still ample rooms for improvement. For one, as a foreign student, language was still considered my greatest challenge. Inasmuch as I would have wanted to make the presentation highly proficient in terms to adherence to grammatical rules, the fact that English is a second language proved to be an intense effort which still could be improved through practice. Likewise, the manner of delivery could also be improved; since I am not so adept at speaking in front of an audience and that the experience proved to be initially intimidating.
Furthermore, the reaction of the audience confirmed that the persuasive presentation proved to achieve the identified goals, which is to convince the audience that prescription drugs need to be strongly regulated through a more intensified drug policy. The statistics which revealed the dangers of addiction and the ease of purchasing them through illegal and indiscriminate sources make this kind of drugs potentially harmful.
Overall, I am actually not very satisfied with the outcome of my persuasive presentation despite the strengths and competencies that were identified. Likewise, the video enabled me to determine the weaknesses and areas for improvement which would definitely be addressed in future presentations, as required.