Pro and con of technology

Which Issue question did you select? My issue question is: Do people depend overly on technology today? How did this issue become an argumentative debate? Ever since the completion of the yen blue line, all projects involving the expansion of the light rail system have been put on hold. I think we can all agree that the current system has been quite successful. This is not only evidence by the large number of people getting off at every station on the lynx blue line but also by the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) financial records Indicating an 18. 5 Million dollar operating lance in their 2009 Vision in Motion report.

So one may ask, why then has all progress become stagnant? In large part its still due to financing issues. Who will pay for the project? Due to the state of the economy, the people’s pockets are empty and therefore their government’s pockets were empty. What are the most significant viewpoints on this matter? There are essentially two sides to this argument. Some feel that the money could be spent better elsewhere. Others feel that the light rail system is a great investment in our future as it provides many benefits that may not be quite so apparent. What is a major support for each of these viewpoints?

Opponents of the light rail system typically point out Its high price tag. Expanding the light rail system could easily cost hundreds of millions of dollars to provide all of Charlotte and perhaps even some of Charlotte outlying communities with rail access. This is evidenced by the cost of other light rail systems. Many would argue that spending the money in education and other public service projects would be much more sound investment. Proponents of the light rail system acknowledge the high price tag but will point out that the light rail systems benefits far offset instruction costs.

Not to mention that The Federal Government heavily subsidizes Public transportation. Most of the current grant money for transportation related projects now comes from the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) program created by the American Reinvestment Act (ARRAY) in 2009. Fitchburg, MA received 55 million dollars to extend their light rail system by 4. 5 miles, covering the entire cost of the construction (Landers, 25). Expanding the lynx would make fast reliable public transportation accessible to all; which is something our rent Infrastructure simply cannot provide.

This would greatly reduce traffic congestion, and effectively reduce air pollution, as there would be fewer cars on the road. It would also bring Charlotte, its outlying communities, and other points of interest closer together. Students from Moralities would be able to get to see CPA in half the time. Having a direct mode of transportation from Charlotte Douglas Airport to downtown Charlotte is very inviting for many businesses. All this combined with the low operating costs of the light rail make It a great investment for future. Which viewpoints that you find most valid?

I am for the expansion of the light rail system. I think society would be much better off with a public transportation system modeled after systems implemented in other countries such as Germany and even China. What about your background has made you and, feel, and act the way you do in regards to this issue? During the summer of 2011 1 was involved in another accident in which my car was totaled. Following the incident of us forced to rely on public transportation to get to see CPA and anywhere else I wanted to go. During this time I realize how unreliable public transportation can be at times.

Sometimes the bus and sometimes it didn’t. Had never paid attention to public transportation before since it did not affect me directly, however upon asking other friends to also relied on public transportation I found that they had similar issues including incidents when their bus broke down causing him to be absent from classes or even their Jobs. The lynx, however, was a very pleasant experience you can buy a ticket at each station regardless of whether or not you have exact change its always on time and it’s very sat. Therefore I would like to see growth in this mode of transportation.

I see a future where most people can walk or ride bikes to the nearest lynx station, and from there, ride to where ever they want to go. Why did you use the visual format you did to create your argument? It’s time of this writing I’m still planning on making an animation for my visual argument. I chose this because it very clearly conveys that the lynx can solve many problems in Charlotte. Why did you purposely include and or exclude certain images/words on your visual? I cider not to use any words because I felt that the images speak for themselves.

The current idea is that all the problems will fade away as the lynx comes into the picture. This is supposed to convey that introducing the lynx in other areas will solve for help solve the problems that are illustrated around the the border of the animation. While very simple, I believe that it will make sense to the diverse audience that is Charlotte population. AUDIENCE Which audience are you trying to convince you you’re visual? The audience I am trying to persuade the population of Charlotte and its outlying communities. What would you like to see happen as an outcome with the audiences as a result?

In reaction to my visual, I would like to see my audience to talk about the lynx, because that’s the best way to focus attention on the topic. Only by focusing more attention on the topic will our local government expedite its process of approving the currently proposed expansion projects as well as propose new expansion projects. They do in regards to the issue? I think that my audience will form their opinion based on their experience with the light rail system. In other words those who use public transportation are also those who are more likely to be proponents.

Those who have little or no experience with the state of our public transportation system are more likely to be opponents. Even though there is some level of disagreement between you and you and your audiences, where do you have common ground on this issue, and how do you use is common ground to persuade your audience individual itself? I think the common grounds lies with the economic and environmental benefits of implementing a light rail system. Everyone likes clean air. Everyone thinks the gas prices are too high.

Many feel that the Buses in CATS fleet are simply not reliable enough to replace cars as their primary mode of transportation.