Procedural message

Donald Smith & Co., Inc. Policy Communications: THE USE OF E-MAIL AND TEXT MESSAGING Assignment 1: Procedural Message – Draft Version Adnan Duman
Prof. Michael Hunter
Strayer University-Arlington Campus
To: All Donald Smith & Co., Inc. Employees
From: Adnan DUMAN, Head of Communications ‘ adnan. [email protected] com’
Date: 4/9/2014
Subject: Donald Smith & Co., Inc. Policy Communications: the use of e-mail and text messaging
Dear Colleagues:
It has come to the attention of the communication management that several employees are violating the company policy on the proper use of email and text messaging in the workplace. Therefore, I would like to remind ourselves on the policy and regulation regulating the company’s e-mail and text messaging services. Please ensure that you keep to the following email and text messaging policy requirement while using email and text messaging services of the company:
The company’s technological services including internet, e-mail system, or cell phones MUST only be used to conduct company’s businesses. Therefore, employees are NOT ALLOWED to use such services for personal communications.
All the e-mail and text messages composed, sent, and or received through company’s email and text messaging services MUST all times remain the properties of company.
It should be NOTED that company has the right to access, view, block, and or monitor all email and text messaging communications made through its website.
The company has its own technology to protect its communication systems including anti-virus software; hence, any question concerning the same MUST be directed to email administrator via e-mail.
It is illegal to use the company’s email and text messaging services for any ILLEGAL activity including intimidation among others or in any other way that would harm the company, another employee of the company, or a client of the company.
All employees MUST NOT facilitate company communication through personal communication gadgets including Personal laptops, cell phones, readers, email addresses, or other electronic devices.
If you have any questions or need clarification regarding this memo, please contact Adnan DUMAN, Head of Communications Cell: 2024123239 or email to adnan. [email protected] com.
Adnan DUMAN, Head of Communications