Promoting healthy workplace

Promoting Healthy Workplace of Affiliation 5. In both health facilities, latex allergic patients are identified upon admission and given red band with an indication of the allergy. The same information is recorded in medical charts and other relevant documents that appertains to the patient. Such a person is treated with a latex free gloves or in an environment with minimized latex concentration. In the case of Needle stick injuries, the victim is advised to clean the injured part and report to the emergency room for relevant medications. Also, while handling patients, it’s advisable to use the right type of equipment including safety gloves to prevent spread of infection. These policies and procedures point at the importance that is accorded to workplace safety by these facilities.
6. In the state of Florida, the laws relating to nurses state that those nurses impaired through sickness, alcoholism or drug should immediately be subjected to investigation to determine their ability to continue serving. In the event medical records or courts prove otherwise, such persons are stripped of their licenses as a security measure to workplace safety.
7. American Nursing Association notes that optimal nurse to patient ration is key to enhancing the value of care that patients receive. There is therefore a need to come up with innovative measures through collaborative efforts that would result to alternate solutions to acute nursing shortage. Also, while developing an optimal staffing model it is critical to take into account aspects such as patient care setting, patient acuity, and skills/education at a given setting (ANA., 2014).
8. The aspects discussed are Needlestick injuries prevention that involves safe placement of sharp object (i. e. needles) to prevent accidental piercing, safe patient handling which involves application of safety handling equipment such as safety gloves to protect nurses from contracting diseases, and finally environmental safety that involves keeping the environment at the work place safe and hygienic.
9. As part of Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, OHSN has come up with voluntary and secure electronic occupational safety and health surveillance system. This system assists in keeping record of recent injuries and apply it as a benchmark against OHSN standard system so as to devise better means of preventing or minimizing these accidents (CDC., 2014). The system has also been rolled out in Palmetto Hospital to serve the same purpose.
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