Proper ways of getting student visa

Proper ways of getting student visa in any country is very difficult but if anyone knows the terms there will be no problem at all. How a student will complete every process in a proper way. Maximum students face some tout people or we can say some tout agencies whose main purpose is to stealmoneyfrom other and specially they target the poor students most of the time. The student face hoodwinks and lost everything because they didn’t know the proper way. Sometimes they face difficulties like unknownenvironment, money problem, house problem, college/university problem and etc.

So if a student has a good knowledge of getting correct student visa, which is very important. That’s because we are researching on this topic to collect maximum amount of correct and helpful information from different sources. Thesis Statement In our research paper, we are going to discuss about the basic requirements for a student of student visa, different types of process of getting visa, and visa consultant’s suggestions and interviews. We also include the terms and condition of getting visa of some particular country like Australia, UK, Turkey.

While applying for a student visa we need to know what the basic requirements of a country are. There are lots of regulations but the basic or core requirements are the same for every country in the world. Educationqualification, Additional qualification, Financial solvency are the three basic requirements of a student visa. While collecting information about student visa process we found this type of information from one of chosen person forinterviewwas a Visa secretary and Public Relation Officer of Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Sk. Haider Ali.

He is working there for 24 years and an experience person at visa section. He told us “ To apply for a student visa, the enthusiastic student must know the requirements; those are Education qualification, Additional qualification, Financial solvency. ” We search this kind of information in the first step. ” So first thing the student’s should remind of, he or she has to be well educated. Then they must provide their education certificates. At first, giving student visa there was few rules which student had to follow, there are still rules but moderated by time by our government.

A good who has very good result in his or her educational life, they will have the advantage of apply for the student visa but recently that rule is changed by collaborating both our government and the embassies of the world in our country. The recent rule is that, student can apply but in a range. For example, In Germanscholarshipor student visa, student who have scored 4. 50 in his higher secondary school certificate is the minimum requirement. Above 4. 5 the students can apply. Then they will check the student’s documents and will call for interview for final selection.

There they will select the best candidate who will have scholarships or student visa. Actually student of Bangladesh search for scholarship rather than student visa because they can get benefits as a scholarship student. Then the second basic requirement is the additional qualification. Additional qualifications means that the students extra qualities like, different types of certificates, language efficiency, IELTS, TOFEL, GMET, etc. are. Student must have a IELTS or GMET to get scholarship. Different countries ask for different score. For example, Australian Embassy asks 7. 0 as a minimum IELTS score for interested student applied for scholarships. After that, it comes financial solvency. Each and every country and embassy ask for financial solvency because if the student faces some difficulties his/her parents must have enough financial support in case of emergency. This process is mandatory for each and every student who want to apply for student visa or scholarships. For example, one of the Australian Embassy’s policies is that the student’s parents have to show 22 lakh taka in their financial solvency.

When a student wants to go abroad for higher study they must know the basic requirements of a student visa. But only knowing them is not enough. They must have to know the proper ways of getting it. The best way to know about any kind of scholarships or student visa availability is to visit the Embassy of the country which a student is willing to go. Then they should ask everything about requirements and other necessary things which will be needed. The steps they will tell the students are the correct. But some cases there are some agencies working with the embassy.

Such as USA Embassy, UK Embassy, Italy Embassy and some other Embassies have their registered visa agencies in our country. The students can go there and find important information. Students must come to embassies to collect proper information about this kind of agencies. In this case, students face hoodwinks. For not knowing the correct information they face many problems. Fraud people steal money from them and don’t show after a few days later. So the students first go to the embassy for information, then they should ask about their having any kind of agencies. So students should be careful about this.

Going to the embassy directly is the best way but there is another way of getting student visa. The agencies, they are setting a business here. Actually, some of this agencies are authorized by the government. They help the government and the students to get visa. Their job is to provide information about scholarships or student visa and thecultureand other important things to the students. They collect passport and other important document from the students and send it to the embassies for visas. After that, they tell the students who get to face an interview and take them to the interview.

A agency like BSB Foundation is well known to all by now. They have link to every embassy but they are able to help students sending them to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and few other countries in the world. Overseas Student Consoling Services Bangladesh, Atlas Education Consultants and different agencies are also well known in our country. There is another way a student can apply for student visa. Although, a student get to face an interview most of the time when they apply to a university and they invited him/her. Like that, student get the chance to apply before giving interview.

The process is simple. Every year the embassies agencies or different countries universities or colleges come to visit Bangladesh and arranged study fair to offer them to visit their universities or colleges for higher study. There student get the most of the advantages. Students are selected their by the faculty members of the offered universities or colleges. Then, they send their documents to the embassy for visa process and they found much easier than other processes. But these kind of fairs arranged very few in our country.

Specially USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Sweden, Germany, etc. country arrange study fair most of the times. So it is another way of getting visa and it is proper way too. But students who are interested to apply for a student visa, they must know the information very well. The suggestions are simple, if they want to go abroad, they should apply for the scholarships and visit the website of their own chosen universities or colleges. If they want to go on their own money rather than scholarships, they might face so many problems.

Student visa has many formalities. Although there are rules and regulations but students face difficulties. Many students don’t get the chance to apply for. It depends on the embassies. Few of the embassy don’t hesitate giving student visa. But most of them don’t want to give because after giving student visa, they go abroad and start business there of their own which is illegal. Because of this reason embassies don’t want to give student visa. They give student visa but not to everyone. As a matter of fact, some agencies are doing this kind of illegal business.

They stay near embassies which are very popular are very crowded, they ask every single person. There students got stuck. Because they don’t know they are authorized or not. Then they face hoodwink. Many agencies tell the students that they are legal but ultimately they are not. They provide visas to the students but when they go abroad they don’t find anything they were told that they will find, The students who face hoodwink, they don’t find themselves studying but working for theirfood. So students must be careful about this kind of situation.

They must collect information and solid information. What we are telling is the way and alerting the students how they will face problems. So that, they should be careful about getting visa. But recently that hoodwink is reducing because of our government. They are trying everything to stop because most of the fraud people are from the government. The most effective step was to create the MRP (Machine Readable Passport). For this, a very little chance of facing trouble for the students. In that passport everyone’s information is given by a number.

Inputting that number they will see every detail information about a person. For that every embassies are asking the students to bring MRP Passport before visiting embassy. Due to shortage of time and some difficulties we were unable to take interviews. Actually we didn’t get permission to take interviews. But we were able to take an interview. His name is Sk. Haider Ali. He is Visa Secretary & PRO of Embassy of The Republic of Turkey and a experience person at this sector and rules. We ask him, “ Sir, What are the basic requirements you search in students who want to go to your country with student visa? He answered, “ To apply for a student visa, the enthusiastic student must know the requirements, those are Education qualification, Additional qualification, financial solvency. ” We search this kind of information in the first step. ” Then, “ Do you search any kind of information about the student’s background? ” He replied, “ No, we don’t because when a student applies to us they have to bring the certificates of his/her education, they must attach those documents from Education Ministry and Foreign Ministry.

If they attached the documents, that means his/her documents or certificates are clear. ” We also asked him, “ Can students face difficulties when they will go there to study? If, then what kind of difficulties they might face there? ” He again answered, “ Basically who ever go there don’t face many problems. The problems they might face is to cope with the environment because it is new to them, and they might also face food problem and house problem. If they got scholarship then they won’t be facing these problems. “ What kind of suggestion do you want to give to the students who want to get student visa and want to go abroad? ” We again asked. “ The main suggestion is that, who ever want to go to abroad they first come to the embassy and ask what will be important and want kind of documents they need to show to us. Another one is that there is a lot of tout people around us, so be careful and be safe from them. If they find you, they won’t let you leave without giving them lot of money. ” He replied.