Psy 12

Role of social interaction on physical health Question Imagine that two older family members have recently suffered heartattack. One family member lives alone and has few visitors or close friends or family members. The other lives his spouse and visits his children and grandchildren regularly. Based on the information presented in this article, what prediction might you make for the recovery of long-term health of your family members? Write an email message to your family physician explaining any concern you may have about your family members, focusing on the relationship between social networks and health.
Acquisition of good Physical health is not limited to taking balanced diet and prescribed medicine in case of any infectious attack. It is important to note that the life of a human being revolves around many circles but is generally influenced by the social environment of interaction. In most cases, social surrounding influences level of interaction and overall links and this goes a long way in determining our emotional status. In respected of the two cases of the two elderly relatives who are victims to heart attack, it is important to underline the differences in survival probability in respect to the social interaction they experience. Engaging in multilateral interaction with family members, friends and other people within the social framework significantly boost the emotions, regulate biological responses, health relevant behavior and significantly influence ones expectation and global view (Sheldon and Denise, 153). People who experience a given health challenge need social support in all aspects as the invaluable source of psychological therapy.
It is important to note that various age groups prefer a certain social environment with a common denominator in physical health improvement. The elderly requires more than emotional support but need physical involvement in helping them go through various activities like taking a walk, taking bath, taking meals and this has a significant contribution in longevity amongst them. It is therefore important to mobilize the society to offer conducive social environment that help the chronic illnesses like Heart attach to minimize stress and other psychological instabilities that has negative impact in recovery process(Sheldon and Denise, 154) . It is therefore advisable that people suffering from any infection and old age need extensive social network which comes with therapeutic effects on their general physical health and social welfare. This is the consideration that the medical officer needs to consider in respect of the two cases in question. The physician needs to be notified about the social interaction coverage differences between the two patients so that he can incorporate the role of social environment in the recovery and longevity of the two clients.
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