Purpose statement

Purpose ment on Paediatric Dentistry Affiliation: My first visit to a dentist was the scariest thing in my entire life to date. I was between five and six years and had a loose milk tooth. I had heard stories from my relatives about how the dentist had these big needles and injected a painful fluid in one’s mouth and after the tooth was extracted the pain was intense. I could not go imagine going through with this ordeal. Nothing had been exaggerated and I vowed that when I grow up, I would like to be a dentist for children. I vowed to be different from the dentists I visited and make the visit less scary and a learning field for the young ones.
My dream is finally almost being achieved as well as my hard work being paid off with the entry in this program of paediatric dentistry. In preparation for this great career move, I have attained an undergraduate degree in Dentistry as well as diplomas in oral health and child psychology. The child psychology has enabled me gain in depth knowledge about children from the moment they are conceived to their adolescent years and how to handle them, gain their trust and teach them. The oral health education was a preparation to the field to test my readiness and resilience. It yielded positive results as it prepared me mentally on what was expected and how I should approach the mastery of the subject.
In addition to theoretical work, I have had the privilege and pleasure to carry out field work in a few hospitals and health care centres where I have worked hand in hand with dentists and seen their work. One of the field experiences had been as an intern in a dentist clinic where I got exposure to the dentistry machines as well as handling patients. Working in a children’s hospital and home gave me time to practice my child psychology education and I found myself more and more attracted to the children, their curiosity, fear and attempted bravery and I found out I had a natural talent with the children.
All these have given me enough proof that I can make it in this field of paediatric dentistry. The knowledge I attain from this course will not only be utilized in extracting or filing children’s teeth but I plan on having a series of programs in schools and children’s hospitals. The programs will target not only oral health as pertains to not eating sweets or brushing teeth but will be participative. Children are very brilliant from observation and given a chance, they can teach and ask various questions that bother them on oral health. The teaching and learning will spread also from the children to other children and to even adults and in the end; more parents will be serious on their children’s oral health check-ups. I also plan on using my higher education knowledge to carryout out researchers on paediatric dentistry which does not have a wide selection of research and knowledge compared to other health fields.