Qantas airlines

Adel Dosmagambetova Maslow`s hierarchy There are always some points when we are talking about service and especially hospitality industry. When we serve our product, what our customers expect from us is our main purpose to provide. The company has to correlate the ability of their service and the expectations of their customers. They measure their product and customers` needs. (Anton & Petouhoff 1996)There are no doubts that matching both sides expectation we can provide satisfaction for our clients. However it is not always possible to satisfy all needs of your customer.

Maslow`s hierarchy was created to show theory of needs in thepsychologyway and make a connection between each stages. Maslow used the terms Physiological, Safety, Belongingness and Love, Esteem, and Self-Actualization needs to describe the pattern that human motivations generally move through. (King, 2009). We have analyzed our company and divided its needs into 5 main features. Qantas(Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) is one of the oldest air company in the world, KLM is the only company elder.

They provide their services over 90 years and the politic of this global, world famous company show us their ability to build and keep in touch with generations and customers expectation. The first stage of the hierarchy is physiological needs which include comfort of their customers, the second is their safety, the third is quality of service, the forth one is an image of the airways and the last one is self-actualization includedpersonal experience. As it is mentioned above, first of all they provide comfortable seats, high qualityfoodand straight flights, if it is possible.

Qantas makes domestic and international ways as well, their flights operates to 56 metropolitans. However they don`t only specialized on air-service, they also have catering and Qantas holiday, where they provide high ranking service and unforgettable feelings. (About Qantas, 2012) The second stage is flexible schedules, security of their belongings and their safety for sure. Qantas guarantees their customer their safety during the flights, security of their luggage and other belongings.

They tried to make schedules maximum comfortable for every customer, counting that they usually make long-distance flights and their market is built by far-away flying. The third one is high quality services, with positive staffs, comfortable airports selection good matching places. For feeling welcomed for every customer they provide good service on their planes and they make training for their staff and even order branded uniforms. Airport is the first place where you get before or after flying and of course customer expect excellent services and suitable selections.

It is great thing to be connected with one of the most famous and respected airports. The fourths stage one is about reputation of the airways. The customer wants being protection and perfect served, opinions and reputation of the chosen airlines. They expect the company to promote them a high quality standards and popularity all over the world . “ Success is getting what you want andhappinessis liking what you get. ”(Brown, 1992) To enhance the company`s reputation and branding Qantas has developed innovative and marketing ideas to boost sales by upgrading their planes and improve quality of advertising.

To end with self-actualization we choose experience of Qantas` customer. The company provides unique types of services and make the flights for customer perfect. They try to show customer that with Qantas` they and their belongings in safety, and nowhere else customer will get such services. They make their experience by providing satisfactions of customer experience which allow them to fly only with Qantas and even special tariffs and Qantas club are support for them to fly Qantas.

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