Questionnaire design assignment

Therefore, each question should relate to specific variables you identified in Assignment #1 . Remember that this questionnaire must determine that you are surveying your “ Target Population”. Therefore you need a qualification question(s) early and perhaps descriptive demographic data at the end. Assignment #2 Part 2 The Analysis Write a brief analysis of 5 different questions or sets of questions and state: a. How will the information help solve the Management Decision Problem? Is this basic or classification data? B. Identify the form of response. Is it closed ended fixed alternative or open ended.

Is it nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio? C. If it is measuring intangibles (attitudes, opinions), identify the kind of Scale of Measurement chosen. (see chapter 7-AAA, b, c, Note the scales in 7 – AAA are easiest to create and identify. ) All questionnaires begin with an Introduction and end with a Thank You. Below you will find an example 2 page, 27 point questionnaire that uses a variety of question types (open and closed) and different kinds of scales of measurement. This questionnaire is designed to survey “ College Students” about their movie going habits.

The Research Design is Descriptive using a cross sectional sample survey. The first question is a skip question to segment movie going from non-movie going students. It is a “ Closed Ended” Dichotomous question. The “ skip” sends the no answers directly to “ lifestyle” and “ demographic” data at the end of the survey. This questionnaire is coded for administrative processing. You do not need to do this. You may use any on-line questionnaire design tool to help create and format your questionnaire. Remember to reference all outside resources used. Segmenting the College Student Market for Movie Theatre Attendance 1 . Tend at least one movie at a movie theatre in the past year? Yes No (Skip to Question #9) Did you 2. By marking in the boxes on the scale below, indicate how important you consider going to the movies at a movie theatre, relative to other leisure activities you engage 3. On average, about how many movies do you attend at a movie theatre each month? 4. Not including the cost of the movie ticket, mark the box below which best describes about how much you spend on popcorn, candy, soft drinks, and other food items at a movie. 5. Do NOT consider the movie playing at a theatre.

Use the scale below to indicate owe important each of the following is in your selection of a movie theatre. Movie Theatre Items Very unimportant Somewhat unimportant Somewhat important Very important a. Video arcade at the movie theatre b. Soft drinks & food items c. Plentiful restrooms d. Comfortable chairs e. Auditorium type seating f. Size of the screen(s) g. Quality of sound system h. Number of screens at a movie theatre I. Clean restrooms 6. Suppose your community did not have a “ big screen” theatre. Use the scale below to indicate how much further you would drive beyond the cinema nearest to you to see a movie at a “ big screen” theatre?