Ratan tata

Strategist: Sir Ratan Tata When Ratan Tata became Group Chairman in 1991 he ushered an era of change. According to him “ A company or business that remains static will die. A company that constantly changes and accepts that there are better ways to do things than they are done today is a company that will survive in the global market that we face. ” He is admired not only for managing the Tata Empire but creating history by making Tata group an MNC by acquiring steel companies like Chorus and legendary automotive brands of Land Rover & Jaguar.

It was his vision to come up with Tata Nano, affordable car for common man in India, and with Tata ACE in the commercial segment to cater the ever going needs of cargo transport. All this has revolutionized not only the Indian industry but also created niche in global space. He is recipient of Padma Bhusan, Padma Vibhusan , NASSCOMLeadership, Carneige Mellon medal of philanthropy, ranked among World’s most powerful businessmen, and conferred honorary citizenship of Singapore etc.

Hispersonalityhas distinguishable features–Very dignified, Ethical, Dependable, Believes in keeping promises, questioning the unquestionable, Risk taker not a speculator, Great Motivator, Loyal and believes in making relationships He is an exemplary leader who is a Visionary, Strategist, Initiator/ change champion, Risk taker, Expertise and a man of integrity.

His leadership is admired by the corporate of almost every generation. In his Leadership Managerial roles, he exhibits role of– Figurehead Entrepreneur Resource allocator role Disturbance Handler Besides, he is a philanthropist and has taken many initiatives for society and people.