Reaction essay example

The three different memorials in Berlin are similar since they commemorate and honor different groups that were killed during the oppressive Nazi regime that was bent on eliminating minority groups from Germany. I think the three memorials are excellent. It is important to have different memorials for each group in order to ensure that all the minorities that were oppressed and killed feel well represented. In addition, they offer a deeper insight into the history of the killings. One memorial would probably not provide sufficient information on all minority groups that suffered.
The Ort (underground place of information) is a great idea. This area has a lot of historical significance with regard to the Jewish Holocaust. This is mainly because it contains the names of all the known Holocaust victims. It is an excellent way to preserve history and at the same time commemorate the known people who lost their lives during this dark period.
Yes, technically this would exclude the concentration camp Jews who died of old age or disease. A better name would be Memorial of the victims of the Jewish Holocaust. This would encompass everyone even those who did not die directly as a result of the Holocaust but were victims.
I believe that the United States would prefer to burry this dark past behind them. It was during this period that the nation was polarized leading to the American Civil war. This is a part of their history that the Americans would not like to remember.
Emmaly Reed provides a very compelling story of how as a three year old she had been thrown into a concentration camp. However, a lot of controversy surrounds her story since her name cannot be found in any of the holocaust victims lists.