Reaction paper about sexual assault and violence against women argumentative essay example

Sexual assault and violence against women are evils that continue to haunt the society. The fear and stigma that accompanies such incidences and how different communities look at them makes it even more difficult to handle. The society is just recovering from a male dominated background of which some communities are still opposing. Despite the fact tat there are numerous efforts to deliver the woman from such outdated cultures, it has not yet sunk deep within the minds of both genders. Traditionally, a woman has been viewed to be weak and hence requiring the support of a man. Men on the other hand take advantage of the assumption to have complete control on women. The distinctive roles played by both males and females make women to be vulnerable to abuse and sexual assault.
Referring to the video clip, we realize that the woman suffered simply because he did not have an avenue to share her feelings. Furthermore, there was fear that nobody would ever believe her and that it would even make things worse for her and her family. She had lived to accept the fact that she was on the wrong since her husband had even convinced her children that she was wrong. Her self-esteem, which was already low, made it difficult for her to make any sober decision. She only obtained her deliverance when the situation had reached its worst level (Kolander, 2011). The video clip taken by her son is what helped her get the needed support from the police. Were it not for such circumstances that worked for her favor, the situation would have never been reported and she would probably be killed by her husband.
Men also have a tendency to engage in an action and immediately forget about it, they may therefore not remember or care that they have hurt somebody. For a woman, the image will be engraved in her mind and therefore acting as a constant reminder of what happened to them. Many women remain under the control of their male counterparts and hence feeling compelled to respect them irrespective of what happened. Many women also feel they have the responsibility to take a lower stand for the sake of their innocent children and the image of the family in the society (Kolander, 2011). Weighing both sides, they chose to die protecting those they love rather than live to see their families fall in shambles.
As a member of the society, I would rather concentrate in sorting the personal issues that both men and women have which make one to look down on the other. The most important is to create empowerment opportunities for women so that they do not feel less capable to their male counterparts. Most women who are delivered from domestic violence and sexual assaults are likely to go back to their previous relationships due to the stigma of the society. Married women will choose to go back for the sake of their children especially realizing that they do not have adequate resources to take care of them. It will hence be vital for the society to pledge heir assistance to such women so that they do not feel desperate to turn back. Apart from simply encouraging women to report and walk away from abusive relationships, I would ensure that they are economically empowered to handle the responsibilities that surround them.


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