Reader’s response

Reader’s response The story storm by Chopin has a setting that is complex and unique. The language use and setting of the story makes it impossible for its publications, on time leading to a time lag of sixty four years. The setting allows for the use of sexual explicit language and storyline (Kennedy and Gioia 110). The marriage of the characters is depicted in a complex language arousing sexual passion. The plot and characters facilitate the storyline because it revolves in the issues of marriage and love. The marriage of Alcée and Clarisse brings the two social classes together in the story. The characters depict the problems associated with different social classes.
The setting of the story build a fire is natural with the focus being in nature and surroundings of the man who is alone. A walk through the park is the setting of the story with the encounter of several events shape the story. The weather and the dog are the center of the setting of the play thus they enhance the beauty of the story (Kennedy and Gioia 114). The setting is different from the storm, but the underlying theme is love in both cases.
A pair of tickets is a story has a plot relying on issues of misconception and understanding. The travel of Chinese American to the mother land leads to conflicting understanding of the students. The students undergo problems of stereotyping and internal conflicts. The students are ignorant of the Chinese culture, therefore, are suffering from stereotyping (Kennedy and Gioia 132). The misconception of the American-Chinese students on the basis of their race is the main focus of the story. The journey to china marks the true conflict within the society based on perceptions. The student identity is the focus of the story.
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