Recollecting an event triggered by the presence of light essay samples

Light is the cause of revelation that allows us to realize very simple yet magnificent ways of nature. The main event triggered by its presence is the passing of the day into the night. While twilight is a natural phenomenon, its effect can be created through the imagination of art. Such a creation incorporates color and portrays serenity and a sense of calmness. In such an event as would be artificially influenced by structures, the lighting invokes quietness. It may be viewed I a well created structure such as the one used by James Turell to allow the viewer watch from below. The twilight from this point represents also, the depth in which one may seek an answer as they realize new and unique aspects of twilight.
Observing twilight from a point as low as the structures created by Turell also enables the viewer to grasp the studio effect of the same. The structure shields you from the rest of the world in order to focus on the light above. It allows you to experience a unique artistic effect from the next person even though you are in the same experience. When color is incorporated into the light experience, it casts a different shadow from the daylight and the night at the same time. Twilight allows one to experience a change in lighting that is created over time and which can be created by adjusting the light in a different setting. This setting may also involve different colors at a time in order to influence both vision and hearing. One’s hearing is as clear as the serenity that comes with such change while the same lighting may steal all the viewer’s focus and attention. Even then, the viewer will always be mesmerized by the view.