Recommendation of a candidate for a teaching position

To Whom It May Concern:
Positive Recommendation:
I highly recommend Mr P as a candidate for a teaching position. I have worked with P for two years in my position as Principal of XYZ School.
P has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills is good humored and reliable and computer literate.
I recommend P to you without reservation. If you have any further questions with regard to his background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Negative Recommendation:
This is in regard to your request for a reference of Mr P. I have worked with P for two years in my position as Principal of XYZ School.
P graduated with a B average from PQR University along with playing varsity tennis. P has a wonderful sense of humor. He has a fair knowledge of his core activity, however, training and supervision were required for other crucial facets of his position like preparing lecture plans, presentations and relevant handouts/reference materials. P had shown frequent incidences of tardiness and absenteeism at our school. Moreover, he did not perform as expected in the two years he worked.
Mr Ps services were no longer needed by our company, though we wish him well in all his future endeavors. If I can provide you with any further information, please contact me.